10 Essential, Free Android Apps for Travelers


Technology is developing immensely and facilitating the humankind with distinct kinds of smart gadgets and electronic devices. Android has also gained a lot of popularity in the last few years and the most amazing thing is that it always follows market-pull strategy; this includes deployment of product in the market on extreme users’ demands. If you travel for either recreational purposes or business deals, various Android-based travel applications can assist you during your journey. Some of these apps are as follows:

10 Essential, Free Android Apps for Travelers

1. Free WiFi FinderWhen you travel, you desperately need an internet access most of the times. Free WiFi finder will enable you to have the nearest WiFi facility. Hence, internet access is made possible everywhere for you through this Android-based app.

2. WhatsApp MessengerSending free messages using your mobile or internet connection is quiet easy now with this messenger. Its main features include texting, sending photos, sharing photos, listening audio tracks, and lot more.

3. GPS EssentialsThis awesome Global Positioning System application allows you to find all nearest locations, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, and many other places using the best pace-based satellite navigation system. Alternatively, you can update system with your desired coordinates too and can save them in database for future use.

4. Google MapsGoogle Maps is, of course, an ultimate application to jet off to places both near and far anywhere across the world. However, it is not only high resolution maps, Maps also has tools for traffic, satellite images, public transport routes, sites and favorite maps (even offline), recommendations and information on places (restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals, etc..), close deals, check-ins and more.

5. Hotel TonightIf you regularly go on business or recreational trips, then you definitely want to get rid of your last-minute hotel booking habit. This application will help you in doing this even at 2:00 a.m.

6. Google GogglesApplication uses image recognition for recognizing different places. It identifies the place, stores it, and provides you all the relevant information about it. The best part is that the users can also scan barcodes and QR codes using this amazing application.

7. TripITIf you are planning for some trip or picnic, this popular travel application will help you in planning your trip effectively and efficiently. Moreover, it will take better care of all of your reservations and tickets.

8. The Weather ChannelWeather constantly changes from place to place. Therefore, to remain updated about this variable and unpredictable weather behavior, users can take the best advantage of this handy application.

9. Trip Journal LiteThis best Google awarded travel application tracks your trip, records everything, and actively document all of your trips’ features. This application stands at the top because of its best concept and design.

10. XE CurrencyIf you are a frequent traveler, XE currency is the best app to try. It will help you in making all necessary calculations along with charts and latest updated currency rates. Moreover, you can also have a quick conversion of currencies using this smart application.

Final Words:

One of the fastest growing categories in the market for mobile applications is related to travel. Tourists are increasingly dependent on information available online, and there are many applications that can help you find what you are looking for in a simple and intuitive way. We have presented here a list that must be present in an Android device of a traveler and we encourage you to continue it in the comments.