6 Best Free Android Applications For 2013


In this article, you will learn about the top 6 apps you must install on a new Android device. All of these apps are pretty handy and will prove useful especially during this festive season.

Top 6 Android Apps Everyone Should Have in 2013

1. Dialer One

This is the best app for quick calls. To make a call, you only need to tap the icon from the Home Screen. Then, key in the relevant number and tap the Call button. Alternatively, you can switch to the Favorites, Contacts or Call Log tab, choose the contact you wish to reach and tap the Call button.

This process is the standard procedure for making calls on any Android device. It seems long and complicated and this is why the Dialer One app was created. You only need to tap the Dialer One icon once to bring up everything you need. This means you no longer have to keep fiddling around with buttons.

You can use this app to get call logs with recent missed, outgoing or incoming calls. This allows you to redial the numbers or send a quick reply. Better still, you can fall back on the smart T9 dial pad that offers speed dialing and a simultaneous search for contacts and calls. All you need to do is press some of the keys on your Android dial pad to match the contacts instantly.

2. Barcode Scanner

This is, perhaps, the easiest ways you can install other apps into your Android device. The Barcode Scanner has been designed in such a manner that you can use the built- in camera to scan QR (Quick Response) codes containing App Identifiers. The scanner will then decode the QR code.

On pressing the “Open in Browser” button, your device will make the app ready for installation. Needless to say, this is much faster in comparison to typing out the application name on the Market app for further searching on the internet.

Google Play now allows Android users to press the “Install” button on browsers to directly install apps on mobile devices. You just have to ensure that you have signed into the Gmail account associated with your device. This hassle can, however, be avoided if you use the Barcode Scanner.

Additionally, the Barcode Scanner will allow you to share and scan other info such as text messages, bookmarks or contacts via QR codes. This scanner is also small in size making it rank among the handiest of the 5 apps you must install on a new Android device.

3. Google Reader

On the other hand, if you are looking to keep up with important Android and tech feeds, then Google Reader is the app you want. This is the official Android Reader for apps. It will give you a simple, easy and efficient way to connect with any content you need, wherever you are.

4. Flipboard

When you have some free time, consider using Flipboard for casual, off- the- clock news browsing. It has a very user friendly visual interface that makes it easy to browse news on tablets and phones alike. The mix of newsworthy stories is also perfect for stress- free and fun perusing.

5. Pandora Internet Radio

When it comes to anything musical, variety never goes out of fashion. You can use Pandora on your Android device when you are working out, driving or even when you are idle at work. In as much as the User Interface needs some improvement, you will never get bored by the selection of music. Overall, these are the 6 apps you must install on a new Android device.

6. Sms Collection Android App

It’s normally irritating on events and in daily routine to send text message to a friend and asking him to send you a forward message regarding good morning, good night or for birthday of yours other friend. It’s one of the best SMS collection android app i found on google play, which really includes millions of SMS in it, you just need to press just 1 button and your selected text message will be pasted in your “Write New SMS” panel and you will be able to send it to others.