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Trick to Skip Galaxy Note 2 Lock Screen, Pattern, Face Lock and Password

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The products manufactured by Samsung are being liked and appreciated. The popularity of Samsung accessories is mounting gradually among the people from various walks of life. Though Apple has built up a strong and firm structure of the iPhone, but Samsung has given a tough time to Apple. The Galaxy iPhone Series by launched by Samsung has brought a revolutionary change in the trade and true worth of Samsung. This series of the iPhones has become a key of triumph for Samsung.

In the last decade, Samsung could be seen going down and its iPhones could not be seen in top three iPhones. But, when Samsung launched Galaxy Series as a sequence, Samsung was raised higher and within a very short time it became a top ranking iPhone manufacturer and it began giving actually tough time to its competitors particularly Apple.

Samsung Galaxy IIIn Galaxy iPhone Series, Samsung experimented to provide all sorts of functions to its customers with a single set. Undoubtedly it created a temptation for the users in Samsung. The most recent Note by Samsung is Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy Note III is still under development. So the latest Note is Note II that has been launched with great and exciting functions. It has been considered one of the best iPhone available in the market presently.

The users know very well that iOS 6.1.2 by Apple in iPhone 5/4S had a safety weakness factor. So, Apple had to release a prompt update that it is out of that issue now. The same issue has now faced by Galaxy Note II.

Some security issues have indicated that can give access to a un-authorized user to your Note II. He may have access to your contacts, phone pad and messages. Just as in Smartphone, you can bypass screen, the pattern, face lock and password do not make a difference.

ByPass Galaxy Note II

Tutorial to Bypass Lock Screen in Samsung Galaxy Note 2

If it seems you false statement, you can try it by yourself. The feature “Emergency Call” enables you to access the main home screen. You just need to push and hold the “home” button to view the basic “home screen”. If you wait for a while, you would be able to access dial pad. Now you would be able to access all of the data including messages, files, pictures, contacts and other stuff in Note II.

It is absolutely a troublesome problem. As long as this issue persists, your Note II and your data is no more secure and it can be accessed by any unauthorized person. As Apple did, Samsung needs to resolve this terrible security issue to give its users the best security and privacy services.

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