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Customize Backlight Screen Timeout on HTC One [How To]

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HTC One brings amazing features for the users and it can be considered a great Smartphone indeed. You can play with its newly introduced features and functions and can adjust its settings as per your requirements. Today we will discuss how you can change the Screen Time out on HTC One.

Adjust Sleep Time on HTC OneGenerally, if you change the screen time out of your amazing Smartphone, you would be able to use a long lasting battery timings. You can enhance the battery time by using this feature. So you need to change the Screen Time out according to your needs. If you require a long lasting battery, you should turn off the screen time out or set it to only 15 seconds or 10 seconds after you leave your HTC One in idle state.

Here is how you can adjust the screen time out settings in your newly bought HTC One. Just follow the directions below to complete the process successfully.

Step 1: One the display screen, you will see the icon of “Applications” at the bottom that should be pushed.

Step 2: Now you will be in the Applications section where you need to look for “Settings” app that can be found in the second or third row.

Step 3: When you scroll down the list that appears on your screen in the settings menu, you will see the option “Display & Gestures” that can be found next to Accessibility. Select this option to move further.

Step 4: Now you will in the next menu where you will see some display options. You will find the “Sleep” option next to the Brightness. Click on the “Sleep” option to set your desired Screen Time Out duration.

Step 5: Once you have done with it, you will see the Sleep menu where you will get various options for Screen Time Out from 15 seconds up to the maximum time. You can select “Never Turn Off” if you do not bother about your battery life and if you want to save the consumption of your battery, you can select 15 seconds that is the shortest screen time out.

Now the settings have been saved and you will see that your screen time out has been set according to your desired setting.

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