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How to Change Message Tone on Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy series brings the best Smartphone for the users throughout the world. They do not need to bother about their Smart device and its features because Galaxy Series especially Galaxy S4 brings a wide range of Smart features for the users. It brings original very melodious ringtones for the users as well. The users can use its Ringtones application in various ways to set their email tone, to set a message alert tone, to set a caller tone and notification tone as well.

Galaxy S4 Ringtones

There are a wide range of default tones in Galaxy S4’s Ringtones application and the users can use any of them as a message tone. Sometimes you are fed up of using the default ringtone for your text messages and you want to change the tone, but you have recently switched to Galaxy S4 from another Smartphone and you do not know how to change the message tone on it. So, you will be perplexed to find such a situation.

Here you will find some easy steps to change message tone on your Smartphone if you are fed up of your default ringtone. You just need to follow very simple steps for changing the ringtone.

Steps to Follow for Changing Message Tone

Step 1: First you should go to the “Messaging” application.

Step 2: You will see a button appearing on the left side of the “Home” button that is called “Menu” button. You need to click this button in order to go ahead.

Step 3: Now move to the “Setting”.

Step 4: Once you have entered settings, you need to click the option “Select Ringtone” that can be found under the category of “Notification Settings”.

Step 5: Here you will find a lot of Galaxy S4 ringtones. You can scroll down through the list and select a ringtone according to your desire.

Step 6: Once you have selected the “Ringtone”, you need to click “OK” to finish the process.

Now you have successfully changed the message tone on your Smartphone and you can change it when you are again fed up of it.

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