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How to Reduce Noise During Calls on Galaxy S4

July 10, 2013 Comments Off

The Samsung Galaxy S4 brings a wide range of amazing and alluring features and functions for its users from all over the world. It has become the most demanded Smartphone due to its coolest features. Noise reduction feature is one of its most appreciated features by the users.

Enable Noise Reduction in Galaxy S4How Does Noise Reduction Feature Work?

Noise Reduction feature is indeed great to have in Galaxy S4. Sometimes you are in noisy atmosphere and you need to call any one urgently. He may not able to listen your words properly due to the noisy atmosphere behind you. There will be a lot of noise on your side that he will not get your words and as a result you will be in perplexing situation. So, you will surely need to avoid this kind of situation. Here, Samsung Galaxy S4 helps you greatly by providing you a feature “Noise Reduction”. Galaxy S4 brings you this novel feature to reduce the Noise on your side to a great extent and the person on other side of the call would be able to hear your words properly. It is amazing feature, but you need to activate it before using. Below you will find a few directions that should be followed in order to activate this feature.

Directions to Activate Noise Reduction Feature in Galaxy S4

Step 1: First, you should move to the application “Setting” that can be searched on the “Home Screen”.

Step 2: When you click on it, you would be led towards some tabs where you need to click “My Device”.

Step 3: Now you should open the option “Call” in order to go ahead.

Step 4: When you click on “Call”, there will be some other options. You need to look for the option “Ringtone and Sound Settings”. This option will lead you towards the sound settings.

Step 5: Now you will see here the option of “Noise Reduction” where you will find a check box in front of this option. You need to mark it for activating this feature on your Smartphone.

Now you would be able to reduce the background noise while you are making calls to someone and there will be no noise on your side.

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