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Remove Or Hide ‘Last Seen At’ Timestamp From WhatsApp Messenger (Android Update)

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WhatsApp Messenger, at most and popular used and most elected instant messaging follower for the different mobile, recently iOS , Android, Windows Phone, OS, BB OS, and that of Symbian. The data sharing, messaging and live chat theme is somewhat being superb. But as every best thing gas some dark sides, same with this one, some of the features of this app are not that much liked by the people and they feel annoying due to this. One of such things is “Last seen at..” time map, we will come to know when we make a contact with any special person. Additionally, this also adds up many of the other features like people can look for your different activities. Well, a good news for the folks, there are some options that now you can hide or want to remove timestamp and last seen at from whatsApp:

removing the Whatsapp messanger timestamp

Tutorial to Remove Or Hide Last Seen At Timestamp From WhatsApp Messenger

UPDATE for Android Device: Well to freeze the irritating timestamp, you can easily download a cool app from the Play Store and can easily hide the timestamp on your Android powered devices.

Download App Here

Well, Luckily the recent edition of this App, or version which is greater than 2.8.1, allows you to select to show the timestamp if you wish to display it or not. This program is will not ask for jailbreak, with no such any long hacking process. We will perform this action by using the default features to disable the Last Seen at..timestamp from whatsApp. The highlighted instruction guided below is for the Apple iPhone 4S, and for iOS devices, it’s not confirmed that it will run also on other devices too.

  • Make sure that WhatsApp is supported by your devices.
  • To disable the last Seen at.. Timestamp, just move to Settings>> Advanced>>Last Seen Timestamp  and knob it to OFF.
  • A point need to note at this point, such settings are also offered by the Settings tab, but you need to navigate to Advanced menu.
  • You must need to think wisely and make a best choice to change the Last Seen Timestamp for more than a day or 24-days.

Correct option to turn off the timestamp

SO now, you have done your task and did it in the right path, and you have disabled the last Seen Time Stamp. We try to put the easiest steps to follow in this tutorial. While many of you still unaware of this feature which is offered by the WhatsApp Messenger.

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