How to Root HTC EVO 4G LTE with the Help of TWRP and SuperSU


The HTC Evo 4G LTE is basically a device that shows whether you are connected or not to a 4G network. It will show you 3G even then you are currently connected to 1X that is a 2G CDMA connection.

Not only this problem, but there are a variety of problems you can fix by rooting your HTC EVO 4G. The process of rooting helps you in taking the entire hold of the software and hardware of your device. The operating ranges from the overlook of smooth gameplay to customization of themes. You can perform unlimited tasks on your EVO.

Root HTC EVO 4GSo how you can start customizing your device? After unlocking the boot loader, you would be able to get a full hold over your device and you will get the root access too. But first of all you require a custom recovery.

Here, you will see the process of installation of TWRP that is called custom recovery usually.

Steps to Root HTC EVO 4G LTE with SuperSU and TWRP

Step 1: Download TWRP

First you need to download the file of the latest flashable TWRP’s .Zip file on your computer.

Download TWRPThe image shown above contains the latest version of TWRP.Zip file.

Step 2: Change the Name of the File

Go to the “Downloads” folder and change the name of the file you have downloaded. Give it the name Now it should be put on the root of the SD card. Avoid putting it in a folder.

For doing so, you need to attach EVO 4G LTE with your desktop by using a USB. Now double click on an SD card and copy the file from “Downloads” directory and keep it to the SD Card.

Step 3: Install TWRP to the EVO

Now switch your mobile off and keep holding the volume down key when you reboot it. You will see an auto scan by the boot loader to collect updates and to identify the recently download file

A message will appear to ask you whether you want the file to be installed, you need to confirm by pressing the Volume up key. Now the recovery will be installed.

Install TWRP on EVOSuperSU can also be installed that allows you to control the apps for root access on your phone.

Step 4: Download SuperSU

The zip file you have installed earlier is only flashed from the recovery. You need to download the application SuperSU. It should be installed just like a In doing so you need to switch on the mobile and attach it to your desktop once again. Now copy the downloaded file to an SD card.

Now you need to change the name or delete the file if it still exists on your SD card. You have to delete or change its name  before restarting your device into the recovery mode.

After completing the process above, you need to start the device into the boot loader. Here, you need to highlight recovery and push the “Power” key.

Root HTC Process

You should select the option “Install” and go to .zip file by using the volume up and down keys. Push the button of “Power” for installing it and click “Confirm” now.

Team Win Recovery Project V2.5.0.0Now you need to click “Back” to jump into the main menu and restart your system.

SettingsWhen you have restarted your device, you should move to the application drawer to unfold the SuperSU application and to upgrade the binaries. A notification will appear in front of you to perform this task. It no notification appears, you can get it by moving to “Settings”.

SuperSUNow you have successfully rooted your phone. It is easy now to upgrade the recovery.

Step 5: Update TWRP

You need to install a free app Goo Manager on the EVO. It can be found in Google Play Store.

Now go to the Menu and select the option “Install OpenRecoveryScript”.

Goo ManagerYou need to click “Confirm” for downloading and installing it with the help of “Goo Manager”. When you have finished its installation, it will notify you.

Now you would be able to enjoy tweaking, themes and custom ROMs.