Samsung Galaxy S4 Price And Release Date For Italy And EU Reportedly Leaked [IMAGE]


Last week , Samsung gave an eye popping news to its users of announcing launch of Galaxy S4, yet another smart phone at its best. Thousands of Galaxy lovers are anxiously waiting for the day when Galaxy S4 will be officially launched but however consumers in Italy will be facing some price differences as they will have to buy Galaxy S4 bit expensive then expected.

A source from Samsung Italy leaked that consumers in Italy will be little facing little disappointment in price structures are it will be €699 in Italy, which will be approximately equal to ($914 ) and European Union should expect it to be about €599.

Galaxy S4 price

From Android Caotic (translated from Italian):

Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty Europe: price of €599

Samsung Galaxy S4 Italy Warranty: price of €699

Availability of the Galaxy S4 Italian: the first two weeks of May.

Availability of the Galaxy S4 in Europe from April 26th.

There shall be some differences in release date too as the device will be reaching markets of Europe on April 26th same as to be launched in (USA), but the consumers of Italy will be most probably going to wait till the 2nd week of May , According to same source the reason behind little delay is they will be receiving a slightly different variation of the standard Galaxy S4, packed with an Octa-Core Exynos as opposed to the Qualcomm processor that will be built into the handsets that will ship in most countries.

As Samsung`s prices for its new device are severely high for its European Galaxy lovers but some discounts are expected by retailers near holiday seasons as retailers finds a way to dispose of their existing stock and there is a keen possibility that retailers are going to offer lower prices of handset in Europe.

Leaked Image of Galaxy S4 Features, Price and Release Date for Italy and EU

Leaked Image of Galaxy S4 Features, Price and Release Date for Italy and EU

Last Thursday Galaxy S4 announced that new Galaxy is about to launch with newer features and many new built in Apps including huge 4.9 inches of huge screen and even tinnier than S3. Pre-orders in the UK are massively breaking the records and expectations as Galaxy lovers are expecting a lot this time as well.