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Samsung Raised Price of Galaxy S4; all Price Rumors Goes Wrong

March 23, 2013 Comments Off

Rumors were in the air about Samsung galaxy S4 official price and now Samsung’s official website is showing the retail price of galaxy S4. According to rumors we have previously discussed price of galaxy S4 as it will be near about $579. And according to pricing rumors, the price of Samsung galaxy S4 is low as compare to expected price of Apple phone 5s, which is $649. Galaxy was winning in the price race as its features are really good as compare to iPhone 5s features and everybody is waiting to this Smartphone.

Now today we have found something strange on Samsung’s official website that Samsung has increased the price of galaxy S4 just before the competition. I think Samsung is going to start market skimming just like iPhone 5s and want to build repute of its cell phones just like Apple. The listed retail price of Samsung galaxy S4 on Samsung’s website is $650 and it’s equal to the expected price of iPhone 5s. Now the battle is going to begin. People, who want good features phones in low price, should forget Samsung’s galaxy series, as it’s now equal in price with iPhone 5s.

No doubt Samsung can charge high price for its giant phones, because today Samsung is market leader and he can compete Apple in each and everything. But here is a thought about this step, suppose iPhone takes down the price of iPhone 5s to $625 then what will happen to this decision of Samsung. Samsung should bear it in mind that still World is full of Apple lovers and nobody would want to lose iPhone 5s in low price.

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