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How to Use Your Samsung Galaxy S4 as a TV Remote

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Like many latest Smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 also possesses an infrared port that can be used as a TV Remote. It has a built-in WatchOn app to facilitate the users to browse various channels and watch what’s going on. They can search Netflix to watch their desired streaming titles or query to get their desired movie or TV shows that can be bought. You need to set up the WatchOn app before using it.

Use Samsung Galaxy S4 as a TV Remote Control with WatchOn App

  • First of all go  to “WatchOn” and select your region.

Select Region

  • You need to insert the zip code of your region and select a content provider for you.

Enter Zip Code

  • Now click the tab “Personalize” if you want to personalize TV selection for yourself. If you do not want to do so, select the option “Skip”.


  • If you select “Personalize”, you need to select the “Genres” of Movies and TV Shows you want to watch and click “Next”.


  • Now select the “Sports” you want to watch and click the option “Next”.


  • Here you will see the option of Basic Profile where you need to set your gender and age then click the option “Done” that can be found on the top of your screen.

Basic Profile

To Setup “WatchOn” as a TV Remote

  • Go to the WatchOn app and click on the “Remote” icon that can be found on the top of the screen. Now click the button “Set Up Now”.

On TV App

  • You need to choose your TV brand from the list.

Select Your TV Brand

  • You will see “Power” button on your screen. Click it to test whether the remote code is effective for your television. Click the option “Yes, This Code Works” if it works and if it does not work, click “No, Test Next Code”.

Power Button

  • You need to select the source of your channels. You need to click either TV or set-top box.

Select Your Channel Source

  • If you select “Set-top box”, you need to select a source from the list given to you. You also need to follow the configuration process for your set-top box.

Select your Set-top Box

  • Click the “Channel” button to see whether the code works or not.

Test Set-top Box

  • If it works, click the option “Yes it works”. Now you can enjoy watching TV by using your S4 as a TV remote.


How to Use it as Remote Control for your TV

  • Click the “Remote” icon that can be seen on the top of your screen.


  • If you wish to control TV, click “TV” tab. You can see an additional control list if you scroll down.

My Room

  • You can click “Appropriately Labeled” tab if you wish to control “Set-top box.


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