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4 Methods to Capture Screen in Apple iPhone and iPad [Easy Ways]

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Many among us took the advantage to capture the screen of the PC. Online tutorials based on this feature and make many of the tutorials with the help of this feature. So, video searches, who took the guide from these videos, learn many new things. Due to modern age technology, the things are not that much clear.

Many tools are available for your PC and some other android devices, but when it comes for iOS, it is not easily to find something like this. So this tutorial is for iOS especially, in this tutorial we going to discuss how to record screen using the iPads or iPhones.

ScreenCasting Tools

Methods to Record your iPhone, iPad Screen Activity

There is a whole bunch of such methods to capture the screen, which might not be suitable for everyone. It all depends upon your time and money you will easily give to it. In the beginning, we will some really costly methods, which also need some extra preparations. Here are two methods to do this task:


This method can be used by any type of phone.  But precaution should be made to avoid the reflection off the iPhone or iPad. To make it still use a Tripod stand. It’s not that so easily but the results are pretty much good.


User of iPad or iPhones has an opportunity to add the external monitors, which is indeed a best way to capture the screen. What you need is to switch an external video capture card between the iOS and other screen. So, the video signal first will travel via HDMI or other interface to the capture card and from the card to the secondary screen. This is an easy method to record it, but the difficulty is that its recording card is way costly

capture cards use to record

Capture Screen Activity Via DEDICATED SOFTWARE

If you have already jailbroken, then nothing to do anything else. Simply navigate to the Cydia or iTunes and download the Display Recorder which is the most convenient way to capture the screen. The above app is very easy to use, as they work in background and you can use your iPhone or iPad normally.

Other ways to capture the iPhone or iPad screen apps are designed for creating presentations or for capturing specific content like web pages or similar. Make sure that you only record the required stuff not all the other surrounding stuff. These are best if you work for preparing the presentation or to make video.

Capture Screen Activity VIA AIRPLAY

Last but not the least; you can use the app which is known as the “AirPlay” to capture the screen. Make sure that you have the Reflector app, once set up all the things and use your device screen. You can use your screencasting program of choice (like Camtasia, Microsoft Encoder or others) to record your computer’s screen. This program is so far the best one and highly recommended because no jailbreak is required for this.

AirPlay to capture the screen shotsAll the above mentioned list of tools can be used to capture the screen or videos any time you want to do. Both these apps are simple and have a best quality, so that you can enjoy your work with a little crisper. As an extra options, you can use some external hardware by putting some investment to create videos, so after this tutorial, you get to know all the tips for iOS screen shooting.

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