App Crashing Issue to be Fixed on iOS 7 Beta 6, iPhone 5 and 4S [Rumors]


The developers for Apple software have been reporting app crashing issues with iPhone 5, 4s and 4 models. Prior to the iOS 7 beta 5 release from Apple, it was believed the apps needed to be updated to alleviate the issues but such is not the case as Beta 5 not only enhanced app functionality but also resolved all issues in some apps. The company is expected to release more fixes in the next iOS 7 Beta 6.

App crash on iOS 7 betaThe Google Plus app that crashed in all iOS 7 Betas earlier when launched the second time can now be freely used thanks for the fixes in IOS 7 Beta 5. Developers have found the Google Plus app to run for much more time in current Beta. The Google Plus fix indicates Apple has not left everything on the developers’ shoulders rather the company intends to extend support for other apps that showed less issues in iOS 6.

iOS 7 Beta 4, the one preceding the current beta, resolved iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 issues of crashing to a plain black screen showing the Apple logo. The fixing had to be done to the Apple software itself instead of the apps running on the device. Also, there were some issues pointed out with few apps crashing like Skype and Instagram that required their developers or an iOS 7 update to look into the matter. Another repeatedly reported issue lies with the WI-Fi leaving iPhone users unable to use a wireless network thus resorting to cellular service.

On the contrary, not all apps will be fixed at company level as some require developer’s attention. If the solutions coming from the developers do not sync with the release of the finalized version of iOS 7, then we might have some app crashing issues even after the public release of Apple’s latest update.

There is still another Beta release expected for iOS 7 before the GM release is out. Time will tell how many fixes are successfully done prior to the final release expected next month.