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How to Block/Unblock Calls on iPhone with Call Bliss

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There are some specific times and some specific locations where you don’t want anyone to disturb you. May be you are tied up enough at time time or you are paying attention towards any other serious matter that even a little thing could repulse your attention from it. So, you don’t want anyone to bother you. If you have such notion, here is an amazing tool for you.

Call Bliss for iPhoneTutorial to Block Calls on iPhone

Apple introduced an amazing app for the users some time ago. You just need to switch on and switch off to use that feature in order to receive calls from anyone. The app got a lot of appreciation from the users, but soon the users noticed that it should have some additional features including block and unblock certain contacts instead of preventing all the contacts.

Setting in Call Bliss for Allowed CallersFor a short time it had no solution, but soon it was resolved. The class Bliss app has been launched for the users of iOS 6. It has a lot of vibrant features. It enables you to create multiple sections and store your contacts in them according to your desire. You can also change the settings for any specific section. By applying these settings, you would be able to block or unblock the calls from a specific person at a specific time.

Making Groups in Call BlissSo, it is really a wonderful feature because sometimes after closing your office, you wish to have a dinner with your family or you are attending a party or any activity like this and you don’t wish to be bothered by your management. You can just enter his number to a certain list of contacts that have been blocked to call you after closing the office. If they call you, their call by default will be switched to the voice box. One most exciting feature of Call Bliss is that you can set it to general mod if you want to block or unblock all of the arriving calls. So, if it is really exciting you, just hold your device, go to the app store and click to download the amazing app Call Bliss.

Different Modes of Call BlissThis wonderful app is available in Apple App Store in only $2.99.

Download App Here

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