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How to Customize And Add Cool Effects To iPhone App Icons On Home Screen

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If you are using a jailbroken iPod touch or iPhone, you would surely love to only change and customizing the aesthetics of iOS and it would be more exciting for you to try Athena package recently launched on the repository of Big Boss  A lot of fans of Jailbreak download and install regular themes for complete system and then activate them via WinterBoard to enjoy their aesthetic pleasure. Athena can be considered a perfect alternative for the people who prefer adding eye candy on the icons of the application.

Every user gets a few configurable options while Installing Athena. He gets these options from the inside of the primary Settings app. It is due to the advanced preferences panel of Athena that the users can apply various effects and settings to the icons to give an appealing look to their iPhone screen. There are basically four major parts of the tweak that enable the user to change the intensity of its effects, the color scheme, change the blend mode and the alpha of the icon. The combination of every effect would surely give a newer and appealing look to your icons.

Customize your iPhone

The people well versed with various graphic packages such as Illustrator or Photoshop would be of more advantage by using a lot of blend modes added in Athena. You can apply any color of your choice directly to the icons and can apply any subsequent mode including Soft Light, Lighten or Darken. Athena’s intensity properties allow to make your icons more attractive and colorful.

Athena can do a great job for the users having an artistic approach. The effects of Athena can be customized and just by operating a few things, you can apply a wide range of effects to your iPhone’s icons. Yet, it sounds great to have  some attractive icons appeared in the Settings App. So you can also see what type of effects you are creating and what effect you are applying. Now, it is required that some changes should be made and a respring to happen before something visual appears. The package price is only $0.99 and Athena worths it for the people who would prefer tweaking the visuals in their iPhone.

Athena for Cool Effects on your iPhone

Athena can be downloaded from the repository of BigBoss and you need a jailbroken iPhone on iOS 6.0 for downloading it.

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