Download iOS 6.1.4 IPSW Firmware for iPhone 5


Apple has recently launched 6.1.4(build 10B329) for the iPhone 5, and this one is now available to download. The lateral defined iOS 6.1.4 update without any confusion a really small one effect to an “updated audio profile for speakerphone”. Till now, this update is only available for the iPhone 5, not for the other iOS powered devices. With a size of only 11.5 MB for the OTA update, we are sure that the small change in this update is really small.

The speakerphone profiles set the guidelines for the quality of audio producers, and along with the 11.5 MB update file size would look to be a bit heavy for an update of this type of thing. Apple still didn’t mention this kind of things in the published notes. Well, without any doubt, one or may be more than one tweak or the other way round into the bargain, but, if it is a case, the recently updated profiles is the only feature Apple assumed compulsory to make note of.

As a matter of fact, if the iPhone is on iOS 6.1.2 or ahead of time, and you are already jailbroken or in coming future you are willing to jailbreak, you will want to conduct well clear of this special launch. As it has been noted, the jailbreak community on many of the occasions, all the new discoveries belongs to a post iOS 6.1.2 are being secured for the more important launch in the coming feature, so if you feel that it will not of many important don’t install it.

As the statement of Apple to be dressed most of its assets into the manufacturing of the Jony Ive- inspired iOS-7, might it’s the settings that launched is very small, and the memorials to how some of the crew members within the Cupertino are really working on iOS 6 at this point in the time.

From the rumors we heard till now, the skeuorphic elements within the Company’s mobile eco-system are set to be washed out, with the flat, and clean surface are replacing them. The clean up job had already looking Apple’s financing staff from the OS X team to help get the preview ready for WWDC 2013, and with some huge changes proclaims after many rather prosaic iOS launched, we are sure that we all can’t wait for much for such big launch.

Meanwhile, if you are not committed to jailbreak and having a wish to update your iPhone 5 to iOS 6.1.4 for the benefits of the updated speakerphone audio profile, please instead of this use the Software update feature placed within the Phone Settings app, or plugin and update through the iTunes.

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