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Download iOS 7 Final IPSW For iPhone 5, 4s, 4, iPad And iPod touch [Direct Links]

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Apple is introducing a wide range of advanced features in iOS 7 and it will surely to fulfill the requirements of the users who are anxiously waiting for this latest update from Apple. It will be helpful for making your day to day tasks faster and easier and you would enjoy operating your iPhone. So, let’s have a glimpse of some of the advanced and vital features added into iOS 7.

What’s New in iOS 7 Final?

Control Center

This amazing feature has been recently added to iOS 7 and it helps you in a quick access to the apps and controls. You can quickly access your Wi-Fi to turn it off or on. This function helps you in access the display settings to adjust its brightness.It helps you in switching to the Airplane mode readily. You can readily access your camera, calculator, flash light and timer with a swipe of finger only.

Notification Center

Notification Center iOS 7It is one of the most wanted features of iOS 7 that notifies you regarding the missed calls, recently arrived emails and the tasks you have added in the To-Dos list. This app has a new option known as “Today”. In a view you will know if there is a birthday ceremony of any of your beloved person or you need umbrella due to heavy rain today. You will get every update regarding “Today”.


This is what you wanted to see always in your iOS device. It knows when you want to use any app and it will fetch the updates for you regarding that app. So, if you always check your preferred social community at 5:00 a.m. Daily, this app will fetch the feeds for you. This is what Multitasking does for you in iOS 7.


Camera on iOS 7The iOS 7 brings every shooting format for you including square, still images, video file and panorama, etc. You can use this app with a swipe only. You can use filters to customize your images. It’s all up to you what you want to do with the images. You can give a sharper contrast to it or a retro feel. You can also give it a classic look by apply black and white mode. Filters can be applied to the square and still images. If you do not want to use these filters, you can remove them with a click only.


Photos App in iOS 7This app is what the users wait anxiously in every advanced iPhone. Apple has updated this app for the users and it is very easy for them now to recall their moments by collecting a bulk of photos in an organized way with the help of this app. You can organize your images by keeping them in various categories such as Moments, Years and Collections. This app also brings iCloud feature in more advanced way for you. You would be able to use iCloud for sharing your memorable photos with your relatives, friends and loved one quicker and easier.


AirDrop app in iOS 7It was always very easy for you to share your images or important documents through email or text in previous iPhones. But the person whom you want to send documents is sitting close to you and you do not want to follow a long process of sending email. Here, AirDrop helps you a lot and you can share your videos, contacts and images easier and quicker.


Net surfing becomes more convenient with Safari and Apple has added the upgraded version of Safari in iOS 7. Your search is more unified in this app. The search field remains hidden until it is scroll down to reveal it. So, the users will be able to view more content now than in the old IOS versions. You can move back or forward to the next page with a swipe only.

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio in iOS 7This amazing app is in the list of the most wanted apps. It brings the top ranking streaming radio stations for you with the finest selection of music. You can access these refined radio stations on every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running on iOS 7.


Siri in iOS 7Siri with an upgraded interface, advanced outlook and capabilities can be found in iOS 7. It has been redesigned. It becomes clearer for you to differentiate between male and female voices in the presence of Siri. It answers all of your questions quickly and searches multiple sources for you including Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing, etc. It also performs some extra functions such as it plays voice mail, it controls the iTunes Radio or returns the calls.

App Store

App Store in iOS 7The latest apps are always at hand for you. You can access Apple’s App Store any time to find new apps. It has the best apps not only for you, but also for your spouse, your kids and other members of your family. You do not need to bother for keeping your apps updated because iOS 7 is here to update them automatically.

Find My iPhone

Find my iPhone feature in iOS 7It becomes annoying to lose your iPhone. Now it cannot happen with the iOS 7 as it will bring an app “Find My iPhone” for the users and this will help you in getting back your iPhone quickly. The latest security system in iOS 7 will make it impossible for any person to steal your iPhone for selling or using it.

Download iOS 7 Final IPSW Here

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