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Attach Multiple Images and Video Files to Email in iPhone 5

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Before iOS 6, it was considered almost an impossible task to email various images or videos. If an individual wanted to send photos, he used to open an app known as “Photos App” and select the images or videos and then click the button “Share” to send the video or image files via Email. But when iOS 6 was launched in the iPhone 5, it brought 200+ features such as Social Communities, Maps App, Pass book and a lot of other features. Now it has become a very easy and simple task to attach and send image and video files with the help of Mail App in iPhone 5. You will see the feature of “Direct Insert Via Email” in iPhone 5.

Email Multiple Images and Video FilesSteps to Email Multiple Photos & Video Files From iPhone 5

Below you will find the easy steps to attach various pictures to the email in iPhone 5.

  • First, go to the menu of iPhone App and open the “Mail App”.
  • Select the “Compose” option that can be found on the right side of your screen at the bottom.
  • Keep pressing and holding the screen now.
  • There you will see some options such as Paste, Select and Select All, etc. You can click the right arrow option from here.
  • Now you need to select the Insert Picture or Video option from the menu popped up before you.
  • Now select the option “Choose” and browse the images and video files you want to attach. The selected image files or video files will be attached automatically.
  • Now you can repeat this step several times for attaching various images and video files. Once you have finished the process of attaching images and videos, you need to click the “Send” option.

In this way you can email various Photos by the “Direct Insert Method”. It is considered a faster and less confusing way to select pictures. You can also use the option of “Shared Pictures Stream” to share the pictures and video files, but you can send only sixteen pictures/videos in one time.

You can use it in not only iPhone 5, but also in iPad to attach various pictures in one time. If you are not using iPhone 5 and using a previous method, you can select the pictures by clicking and keep it pressed for a while until you see the pop-up Window appearing in front of you with the option of selecting the picture. If you want to send various pictures, you need to repeat this method to attach various pictures. You can use “Photos App” for this purpose. You can only use this app for attaching only 5 pictures at a time.

If you want to attach more pictures, you need to use the Copy and Paste option, but you need to follow the restriction in the size of the image. So, you can use both of these ways to attach multiple image files to your email.

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