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iFaith 1.5.9 With Bug Fixes And Apple TV Firmware Support

June 28, 2013 Comments Off

iH8sn0w, a renowned hacker after iFaith and Sn0wbreeze has launched another update regarding the iFaith SHSH blobs saving application to remove the smaller issues or bugs and to provide a support for the advanced Apple TV application.

iFaith 1.5.9This update has been given the name iFaith 1.5.9 and it helps in fixing various bugs and also knocks down the Apple TV blobs 2ND Generation is having 5.3 firmware. The image can be seen below regarding the change log.

Change LogYou will be amazed to read about this. Well, iFaith helps you in extracting the SHSH blobs existing in your iPhone and it helps in saving these blobs in your system. Yet, it can be supported by only Windows environment.

While you have done with it successfully, you would be able to use these blobs in the coming days for downgrading of any firmware on your iPhone to its previous version if you want to do so.

It can be achieved by running up the previously saved SHSH blobs designed by iFaith to any operating system. After that you would be able to restore your iPhone to its previous iOS version successfully.

Download iFaith’s Latest Version 1.5.9 Here

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