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How to Import Photos from iPhone to Windows 8

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Apple iPhone’s is till now one of the best Smartphones out there and the purchasing response is still appreciable even having a tight competition with the Windows powered phone Nokia Lumia 920 and Galaxy S3/4.   We all love to save our memorable events and also set kind of backup in our PC’s.

If you are user of iPhone/iPad, and would like to move your Photos from the iPhone to your Windows 8 powered PC, it will take only a few steps to follow;

The formal photo app in windows 8 will not allow you to overview the images but also permits you to transfer the images from the Smartphones and Digital camera. In this tutorial we will discuss the methods how to safely move the pictures from the iPhone to your Windows 8 PC without the requirement of any other third-party tools.

iPhoneMethod 1 to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to a Windows 8 PC

Step 1: Connect the iPhone with your PC.

Step 2: As windows search for your phone, you will see a notification on the screen asking Tap to choose what happens with this device.

If this alert or icon doesn’t appear on the screen, it is due to the issue that you have unable the toast notification or turned on hidden notification. For this you need to follow the step 2;

Step 3:  Hit on the notification to look three options; import photos and videos, a launch device to view the files, and Take no action.

Hit or tap photos and videos option. This will open all the photos on your iPhone in Windows 8 photo app.

Step 4:  Hit photos and videos you are wishing to import and then hit or open Import button to start the copying process from your iPhone to PC.

Step 5:  As the process of copying is finished, an option will appear on the screen asking to open the photos, now it’s up to your own choice to open it or want to view the pictures.

All the transferred photos are present in the Pictures Library. To open the Pictures, launch the Computer, and hit on the Pictures option which is present in the left pane. Good luck with your work!

Method 2 to Import Photos from iPhone to Windows 8

Use this alternative method if you have made a connection already with a PC.

Step 1:  Navigate to the Start Screen, hit Photos app to run the app.

Step 2: Hit right on the photo app to look for the Import option at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3:  Hit or click Import button to look for the list of paired devices to your PC.

Step 4:  Hit on the iPhone entry; choose photos and Videos you wish to import and then hit the Import to start the process of copying and moving of photos and Videos.

Photos app will save all the transferred photos and images in the library. You can look at the images from Photo app, Windows Photo Viewer or any of the other programs.

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