iOS 7 Beta 5 Released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Following the hacking event, it seemed Apple would be engaged for some time in fixing the security issues when iOS 7 Beta 4, too, got a little delayed than the expected time. But sooner than most would have expected, the company rose back to action with releasing developer software one after the other including iOS 7 Beta 4 coming out on July 29. Roughly just a week has passed and what do we see? iOS 7 Beta 5 already out and available for developers. As expected, there are several issues resolved and more improvement in store with Beta 5 of iOS 7. We have gathered some detailed information on the latest beta version here.

Previous iOS 7 Beta Versions [Direct Links]

Appleā€™s beta versions of software are almost bug free and as close to the final clean version as possible. The case was not the same for iOS 7 beta versions nonetheless, the attention this beta has attracted compensates for more than that. Jony Ive, working with iOS 7 beta, has directed a number of stark changes to a graphical representation in iOS 7 beta that surpasses all its earlier releases. Not all the attention received has been a long appreciative note as some have showcased disdain on plain lines and flat polarizing design but as more beta versions come out, the side in favor of the most modified is designed so far gets heavier.

iOS 7 Beta 5With iOS 7, it is not all about looks as major enhancements have been made for better functionality and issues have been catered to that were present in OS for too long. Many users resorted to a jailbreak mainly due to the absence of general toggles for a number of settings but now that has been taken care of by introducing a Control Center in iOS 7, there is less reason to get SBSettings Cydia tweak.

A reintroduction of folder system expansion previously seen in Ios 4 has added to a more complete iOS 7 experiences. With each beta release, we see a new bundle of features delivered. If betas are this good, we wonder what iOS 7 would be like when it comes out as final and complete version most probably to be released with the next iPhone launch.

Go ahead and download iOS 7 Beta 5 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch if you register as a developer with Apple.

Download Details

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Update: Good news, direct download links are available here: iOS 7 Beta 5 Direct Links