Apple to Release iOS 7 Beta 6 this Coming Week, Gold Master Version to Follow on 5th September


After Apple released the fifth Beta version of its iOS 7 update, reports are pouring in for the next Beta 6 expected to be released as soon as the coming week. No specific date has been clearly indicated by any source whatsoever but the most suitable day seems to Monday if we look upon the early release days. iOS 7 Beta 6 is supposed to be the last Beta release before Apple rolls out its Gold Master version on September 5 for test run to the concerned parties. The GM version will then enter the final stage where the bug-free version will be released to the public finally.

Apple to release iOS 7 beta 6 Once Apple makes sure the Gold Master version is ready enough to be forwarded to the next phase, it will then make the version available to the developers on the Apple iPhone event on September 10 when Apple is going to launch the much talked about iPhone 5S and the low-price iPhone 5C. These iPhones will debut the iOS 7 straight from the box.

Apple has brought about with iOS 7 some of the most transformational changes in the design strategy of their Operating System till now. With iOS 7 beta releases, users have been able to experience closely the development of an iOS stepwise till a version could be readied for final release. Although, many Apple critics have shown certain reserves regarding the polarized interface, inverted mail app, flattened icons and similar features still Apple has not considered to comment on them in face of releasing the software exactly as the company intends its users to experience. Let us see how it turns out to be!

Source: BGR