iOS 7 Beta 6 Release Date would be Two weeks Before the Final Version [August 19]


Apple has been working on the next iOS release that claims to bring about the biggest change in an iOS till now. In accordance with the expectations, the company has released quite a few Beta versions of iOS 7 since the announcement. Following the last iOS 7 Beta 5, many are unsure regarding the possibility of Beta 6 before GM version is officially released.

iOS 7 Beta 6As already mentioned, we last witnessed an earlier than expected release of iOS 7 Beta 5 version as follows a two-week interval between Beta releases from Apple, Beta 5 was expected to be out yesterday instead of August 6. It came as a surprise to many. Now that there is ample time between this Beta release and the upcoming iOS 7 Gold Master release, it is thought another Beta might be on its way two weeks after the Beta 5 release for developers. That is, Apple will release a total of six Betas before final iOS 7 is made available for public, seems logical enough when numerically speaking.

If Apple doesn’t decide to surprise us again, we might be witnessing an iOS 7 Beta 6 release as soon as the 19th Of August or near this date. Beta 6 is expected to bring small fixes to the only noticeable issue left to be fixed as the apps have been reported to crash in earlier betas.

Earlier rumors and talks suggested the omission of Beta 6 release as Apple might move straight to the final version’s release prior to the official iPhone 5S launch on September 10. If we look at the pattern of releases prior to the iPhone 5 launch last year then the company might settle for an earlier than many speculate release of iOS 7 Beta 6. If this is indeed the case, the download will be available on all devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch from Apple.

Around the release of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S, we should be expecting iOS 7 final release as well as a much talked about iPhone 5C, the budget line from Apple targeting developing markets.