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iOS 7 to Fix the Threat to iPhone when Connected to Third Party Charger

August 1, 2013 Comments Off

Georgia Tech raised an issue being encountered by iOS that allows hackers to break into the device’s security as soon as the iPhone is connected to a charger. When the device is unlocked using the said charger, it enabled a hidden computer to attack the iOS and install malware on the device. The issue was, however, taken by Apple immediately when three computer scientists demonstrated the threat to the company last year.

iPhone 5 with iOS 7Apple has claimed to fix the issue once and for all in the new iOS 7 Beta 4 release till then the iPhone and iPad users are vulnerable to the threat that have the potential to give way to cybercrimes. As exposed at the hacking convention, this threat can enable hackers to take screenshots of banking information and credit card numbers from the device as well as grant them access to emails, messages and other personal data.

It can become a spying tool,” said Lau.

Apple has not yet explained the nature of the solution integrated in the iOS update however Billy Lau from Georgia Tech has established it is possible to indicate whether the iPhone has been connected to a charger or a computer – this should give the hacking attempt away. Still, many iPhone users are concerned as depending upon iOS 7 for the security fix means waiting till fall for the release. On the other hand, since the nature of the threat is based more on hardware thus it should not create much tension among the users of the iPhone device.

Source: Reuters

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