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Simple Way to Listen Voicemails on iPhone 5 with OPlayer Lite

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There is a wide range of apps that are absolutely free and can be downloaded from iTunes. One of them is OPlayer Lite that works awesome for the users of iPhone 5. It can be used for listening to your voicemail emails while using your iPhone 5. Here, you will find how to use OPlayer Lite app.

Tutorial to Listen Voicemails

  • First, you need to open the App Store and look for “OPlayer Lite”.
  • Select “OPlayer Lite” Free version of the list of the apps.
  • Select the button “Free” that can be found on the top corner of your iPhone screen.

OPlayer Lite

  • You need to click the option “Install App” that can be seen on the right top corner of your iPhone screen.

Install App

  • Now you need to insert Apple ID and Password in the given boxes.

Apple ID Password

  • An “Age Question” will appear in front of you that should be answered properly.

Age Question

  • Now the downloading for OPlayer Lite will start on your iPhone 5.


  • Install it once it is downloaded to your iPhone 5.

IT Help Desk

  • You need to go to the “Mail” app where you will find an email where you will see a voicemail attached to it.
  • You should click the voicemail attached to the email.
  • You will see an option “Open in OPlayer Lite” on the top corner of your iPhone screen that should be selected.

OPlayer Lite

  • Now OPlayer Lite will start playing your voicemail.

Download OPlayer Here

So simple is the way to hear your voicemail on your iPhone 5.

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