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News Jailbreak iPhone 5 / 4S / 4 Info for all iOS Generations

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The new generation iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad iOS 4 6x have not withstood the long process of jailbreak, the famous hacker and developer Chpwn has recently posted a picture via his Twitter’s iPhone 5 with Cydia, the application Cydia Download already seems suited for this model graphically.

  • ARM11: iPhone 2G, 3G, iPod touch.
  • ARMv6: iPod Touch 2.
  • ARMv7: iPhone 3GS Touch 3.
  • A4: iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4, iPad 1.
  • A5: iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5, mini iPad.
  • A5X: New iPad (iPad3).
  • A6: iPhone 5.
  • A6X: iPad 4.


It seems that the hackers of the Jailbreak iPhone 5 has already begun working on a jailbreak iOS 6 on iPhone 4S 6x (source Twitter) so the iPad 3 will also model the game, be patient!

Latest News Regarding iPhone 5 iOS 6.0/6.0.1 Jailbreak

Note: According to the Twitter feed Chpwn, this jailbreak iPhone 5 is currently intended for developers of jailbreak procedure (injected via Xcode) and therefore can not be shared publicly.


Edit 19/10: The famous hacker Planetbeing developer recently announced via Twitter that he was able to inject a new exploit in the iOS Kernel Cydia tweaks and that works well on the iPhone 5 jailbreak, it refers to the procedure for Failbreak jailbreak is not legal proceedings injected via a developer account.

  • The fault is software (system) and non-material.
  • This allows hackers to try to find new loopholes to make this public jailbreak.
  • It now seems like jailbreak Tethered only.

It is obvious that if the iPhone 5 is jailbreak the iPhone 4S model and 1/2/3/4 iPad, iPad mini may be jailbreak iOS 6x too, but the work will be long so be patient!

Edit 02/11: Some vulnerability to jailbreak iDevices last generation are addressed by Apple with iOS 6.0.1.

Edit 03/11: MuscleNerd, a member of the Dev-Team, post a picture on his Twitter feed: root access on an iPad Mini, based on faults found by developers and hackers PhoenixDev Planetbeing.

The procedure is not legal to jailbreak (using a developer account) but for developer’s hackers is still ongoing to find a legal solution to jailbreak.

Edit 05/11: Chpwn, too, recently posted an image of the iPad 4 with Cydia. This procedure also uses a jailbreak not legal.

Edit 12/11: In response to rumors on the web, hackers trying in vain to find a feat said Bootroom (iBoot), a hardware fault (Limera1n) and non-iOS (Redsn0w) to allow the injection procedure on a jailbreak iDevice.

The last feat Bootroom was discovered by the famous hacker Geohot (2010) on the processor A4 iDevices (iPhone 4 / iPod 4) and lower (iPhone 3G / 3GS), a hardware fault at the iBoot that allows for inject the jailbreak process.

But it is very hard to find this new exploit, especially on the latest models with A5 processor, A5X, A6 or A6X, security hardware and system level has been greatly strengthened by Apple.


The famous hacker p0sixninja (former member of the ChronicDev) always seems to work on finding a solution for jailbreak iOS iDevices 6x the last generation but the road still seems long: no new feat Bootroom (Gr1mra1n) overdraft facility on a A5 iDevice, A5X, A6 or A6X for the moment, but he works hard.


The latter states that we do not have a solution for now jailbreak iOS Untethered type 6x to stop the rumors about this on the web, but it is actively working on a solution to make the jailbreak in general sustainable time.


For its part, MuscleNerd, hacker from the Dev-Team confirmed via Twitter that Gr1mra1n is false.

Edit 13/11: The famous hacker Planetbeing talk a little via Twitter, advanced work on the jailbreak on last generation iDevices

It seems they have found a solution for jailbreaking legal but it lacks some important pieces to jailbreak for public release, be patient!


Edit 13/12: In response to many buzz on the web about the Untethered jailbreak for iDevices kind of last generation, do a little update on the status of the jailbreak.

Many Failbr3ak (fake jailbreak) are available on the web, it is strongly advised to be wary of any images or videos demonstrating Untethered jailbreak type, especially if it comes from hacker unconfirmed as those of the jailbreak scene (Dev Team , ChronicDev, etc.).

The jailbreak an iDevice is a constant game between hackers and Apple

Each major release of a new tool to jailbreak confirmed is usually a few months after a new iOS or iDevice makes its appearance and / or this jailbreak tool is usually released a few days before a new version of iOS is available officially by Apple.

Remember that the real hackers are still working on a jailbreak solution for all legal, but this work is to obtain a long and stable legal jailbreak towards Apple.

With the approach of iOS 6.1, it would be logical that a jailbreak tool is released after that 6.1 be officially available to the vulnerabilities discovered by hackers are not addressed by Apple.

But according to the history of the jailbreak scene, a new jailbreak tool was generally released shortly before an update of iOS.

For older iDevices, jailbreak iOS that 6x is available under certain conditions.

For a model iDevice A5 + processor (iPhone 4S or iPad 3) iOS 5x only, you can restore or switch to another iOS iOS 5x 5x.

For a model iDevice A5 + processor (iPhone 4S or iPad 3) If you are already running iOS 6x currently no solution for you to change your iOS.

For iPad 2 model, it is necessary to have SHSH signed for iOS 4x and 5x if you want to restore an older iOS 5x, even if you are already running iOS 6x.

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