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How to PLAY Any Video Format (mkv, flv, avi etc.) On iPhone 5/4S iPad 4/Mini On iOS 6.1/6.1.1/6.1.2/6.1.3

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After the release of Evasi0n provided Jailbreak tool for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPad Mini on iOS 6.0.2, 6.1, 6.1.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3 millions of people have gone through the Jailbreak process to jailbreak their iDevice and to search for Apps to enjoy a higher level experience of iDevice.

Media experimenting is one of the greatly used functions in iPhone. Discussing about iOS tablets and phones, the stock application of these iPhones can only play MP3 and MP4 formats. Various other formats such as FLV and MKV are not supported by them, but it is not impossible to play other formats.

AcePlayer for iDeviceApple’s App store consists of millions of Apps offering a lot of categories of Apps. So, you do not need to be hassled in searching various Apps in order to play the media file of any format on your iPod. You do not need to go through the whole store to find out the best App for your media player. Below you will find some great Apps provided by App store of Apple.

Players to Play Any Video Format (mkv, flv, avi etc.) On iPhone and iPad

ProPlayer and AcePlayer are the best applications if you want to play any format audio or video on iDevice.

After doing a complete research we concluded that Proplayer & AcePlayer are ideal media players with a lot of valuable functions and both of them can be purchased at a nominal price.


AcePlayer is in fact a complete package. It can run photos, music files and movies in all of the formats straight up on the iPad, iPhone and iPod. It has also compatibility with iOS 6. It is very simple to use. You just need to switch the file into the App by using iFunBox, iTunes transfer or through WI-Fi and your file will be played soon. Besides, FTP/Samba client and built-in Downloader are its most exciting features. You can download or stream movies and music files from from all of the DLNA and UPnP media servers.  AcePlayer is available for HK$ 23.00 at iTunes.

AcePlayerFeatures in AcePlayer

  • It supports nearly all kinds of Video and Audio formats including FLV, FLAC, APE, OGG, ACC, RM, WMA, MPG, MP3, 3GP, MP4, XVID, WMV, AVI, MKV, RMVB.
  • This media player provides full support to various subtitled files such as ssa, ass, sub, txt, srt and smi.
  • The media player can sync video files to App by using Wi-Fi, iTunes or iFunBox.
  • It has a Build-in system that calls Open URL Client. It provides support to MMS, SMB, FTP, RTP, RTSP and HTTP streaming.
  • It has a built-in fast downloader.
  • It generates folders, rename and delete files and switch files to a certain destination.
  • It has a build-in UPnP Client for downloading and playing all types of DLNA and UPnP media server files.
  • It creates the playlist.
  • It has a built-in image viewer that supports bmp, jpg and png.
  • It can stream music files in background mode.
  • You can set security codes for each folder.
  • It supports Spanish, English, Breton, Chinese, Danish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Slovak, Swedish, Ukrainian, Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Turkish languages.

AcePlayer for iPhoneProPlay:

If you are from those people who look for the media player apps in nominal price, but completely stuffed and all in one media streaming device for your iDevice, ProPlay will be a perfect choice for you. It is available in only $0.99 so what are you waiting for? You should try this App at least once.

Pro Player for iPhoneFeatures in ProPlayer:

  • You can use it fully functional streaming downloader for unlimited downloading.
  • Easy stroke and touch gestures for previous, next, pause, play and other features.
  • You can share files on iTunes.
  • A playlist of your streaming videos and audios can be created and managed in this App.
  • It is an easier task to delete, edit or rename media files.
  • It has a fully automated web browser.
  • You can enjoy background music files playing function.
  • It facilitates you to set security codes to your personal folders.
  • This media player for iDevice supports French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English language.

ProPlayer for iDevice

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