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Play Youtube Videos in Background without Interruption on iPhone 5

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The users of iPhone 5 are well versed with the fact that they cannot listen their favorite audio files on YouTube if they do not use an appropriate app for it. So they have to use any online radio app or Pandora for this purpose. They have no alternative way for listening their favorite songs. So what if they find an effective way to listen songs without using the online radio app or Pandora? Yes there is a wonderful and handy trick for the users of iPhone 5 to enjoy their favorite music files on YouTube without using these two basic sources.

Keep YouTube Files Playing on iPhone 5The users of iPhone should note that the trick I am going to discuss with them will work only with iOS 5 and advanced versions of iOS. It does not work with the previous iOS versions.

Steps to Keep YouTube Playing on iPhone 5

Moreover, the tip I am going to mention here will explain you how you can listen your favorite songs uploaded on YouTube while you are performing some other tasks on your iPhone. It only applies to the iPhone with multitasking function. So, let’s start discussing.

Step 1: First you need to open the mobile YouTube in Safari web browser on your iPhone 5.

Step 2: You need to close Safari by using the Home key only once. It will keep running the video on the background.

Step 3: Now double click the Home key to open the “multi-tasking dock” with your opened up in the iPhone 5.

Step 4: Now slide it to go to the “Background Audio Controls” option. This option will appear on the right side of the recently closed app that you were using with the background music from YouTube website. Suppose you were using Atif song’s audio file in Pandora, the option can be searched on the right side of Pandora because you were using it to listen Atif song’s audio file.

Step 5: Now you need to click the “Play” option. It will resume the playback of the video or audio that you were playing on YouTube. Now it is convenient for you to hear your favorite songs without opening the phone lock. While using some other apps on your iPhone you can conveniently listen music.

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