Ten Useful Tips for First-time iPhone Users


Handy Tips for iPhone Users

Do you possess a newly bought iPhone? It is cool! We greet you for becoming a member of iOS world – the mobile OS that runs all of the iPod Touch, iPads and iPhones. Apple considers it one of the best iOS of the world that is not true at all, but for a new user of iPhone it can be considered the best one.

Surely there is no complication in using an iOS. What you have to do is just to explore it and the iOS has been prepared to let you do all this operation properly.

The interface of an iPhone has been designed with various fine touches for smooth working. The interface makes the process of getting information, controlling the apps easier. So, an iPhone makes your life easier and simpler. In other words you can say that an iPhone is an excellent way if you want to try a Smartphone.

Below you will find the list of ten very catchy and the most used tips for the users who are having an iPhone for the very first time.

Open the Application Directly by Swiping a Notification

When your contacts send you any message in Facebook, Whatsapp or iMessage, you will see some notifications. When the notification appears on your screen, you surely click the unlock screen to read it. You can move to the application directly without sliding the unlock screen. It is very useful when you have received a lot of notifications and you just wish to read only one notification among all.

Double Click “Home” Key for Various Tasks

The iPhone facilitates you to perform multi-tasks behind the screen unlike an Android. If you are using an Android, you will see all of the applications that are currently active in the form of a list behind the menu, while the users of an iPhone can view the opened apps by double clicking the “Home” key.

On double pressing the “Home” key, the screen will go up a little and you will see the icons of the apps which are open at the moment.

To Move to the top of any Chatting page (Without using the Scroll option)

It is undoubtedly an amazing feature of the iPhone. If you are using Messages, Safari, Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter like app for a conversation with your friend and you want to move to the top of the page, you do not need to use the scroll option. Instead, you can go to the top of the page instantly by clicking the data in the status bar.

Control Music Files By Using Lockscreen

Control Music

It is very easy for you to handle your music files and to jump from one song to another song instantly by using the Lockscreen. You just need to double click the “Home” key. You will see the clock will vanish and the buttons for “Play”, Next/Forward and Pause will appear in front of you. Beside this you can see the volume control key.

Control Podcasts/Music

control podcasts

Suppose you are using two or various applications at a time. You are listening to podcasts and reading your Twitter statuses or Facebook updates or you are busy in looking your photos on Instagram, you can control Podcasts very easily with the help of buttons. You can also jump from one to another song easily on your iPhone.

Weather Widget

In the Notification Center you will also see the Weather Widget. It is very cool, but if you want to know the weather for the coming week, you just need to open the weather application where you can see the forecast. You need to click on the widget to know the weather and Wow! The forecast appears.

Creating a Folder

The people using an iPhone for the very first time need to organize their apps if they have a large number of downloaded apps. It seems a little bit complicated task, but you can organize them into a folder so that these apps could be used when you need them. Here, the question arises, how to create a folder?

It is very simple task. You just click and keep pressing the icons and then drag one icon over another one. It will create a folder that can be given a suitable name later.

Auto-Download Option for Music, Books and Applications

Auto-Download settings

The users owing two or more iOS devices and want them to be synced need to set the option of “Auto-Download”. By setting this option all of your desired games or applications will be downloaded automatically. To set the feature of “Auto-Download” you need to follow these steps:

Move to the “Settings”

Click on the option “iTunes & App Stores”.

Now you will see the option “Automatic Downloads” where you need to activate all of the switches.

That’s all. Every file that is downloaded on your iPhone will automatically get synced and later it will be installed on the iPod Touch once you download it.

Lock Portrait Mode

Lock Portrait Mode

The display of an iPhone keeps switching between the landscape and portrait modes. It is quite perplexing situation if you are lying on your bed and watching your favorite movie or conversation with a friend is going on. It can be fixed by locking the display of the iPhone in portrait mode.

You just need to double click the “Home” key and click to the right. Here you will see a button that needs to be clicked. Bravo! You have successfully locked the display in portrait mode.

Change Calculator Modes

Sometimes you need to open the calculator app for some calculations. Here, you will see only the fundamental functions. What if you want to perform some scientific calculations such as sine/cosine type of functions? You just need to tilt your iPhone to get more functions to it.