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The Best Alternatives for Lavabit: Only for Ethical Use

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Lavabit, the largest online source to provide the encrypted email service to its wide range of users has been shut down before a couple of days. The major reason of its popularity was Edward Snowden who used it for sending emails without being noticed by NSA. He is a former employee of NSA who is running away from America and he was begging for Asylum from Russian Government.

Lavabit was using three types of encryption services including Advanced Encryption Standard, Elliptical Curve Cryptography and Secure Hash Algorithm. Now that Lavabit is not available to provide its services, the users are looking for its alternatives. Here, you will find some renowned alternatives of Lavabit.

Disclaimer: These Lavabit alternatives are only for ethical use, do not use any of these for spam and abuse purpose; otherwise these service providers may share your registration and location details with concerned authorities. If you have any queries, suggestions or advise then use our contact us page.


GPG4WinIt is an excellent alternative for Lavabit that is specifically designed for Windows. It allows you to send the signature based and encrypted emails. It fulfills the required standards of cryptography, S/MIME (X.509) and OpenPGP. It is available for free and you do not need to pay fees for using it. Gpg4Win offers various features to its users that help them in encrypting data such as GpgOL, GPA, Claws Mail and Kleopatra.


SendicSendic is one of the top ranking online sources that are providing encrypted email services to the users throughout the world. It is top ranking due to the ease of use. It is absolutely free service. You just need to move to the website and write your required email that will be encrypted automatically. This online source facilitates you to set a specific time for “auto destruct”. In the matter of other encrypted email services, you need to download the software. This is not the case with “Send”. It is an online source and you can use it without downloading. It works faster and quicker.

Enigmail Extension

EnigmailIt is one of the most wanted encrypted email service due to its ease of use. It is absolutely compatible with Thunderbird that is considered the most wanted email client of the world.


Private De Mail

Private De MailIf you do not want to download the software and want to use an online source, Private DE Mail is the best source for you. It gives you absolutely free encrypted emailing service that is reliable as well. You just need to sign up that is free. If you are using privatedemail’s email address, your IP address is not visible in mail headers and if you are using another email address, IP address is visible. It is the best online source that can be used for emailing if you want to keep your data safe and secure. You just need to take care of one thing while using Private De Mail service. You need to check the sender address that should match the privatedemail address you are using. If it does not match, you will receive an error and the email will not get processed.


MailooIt is considered one of the best email services that is free as well. It ensures the reliability for the comfort of the users. Mailoo is very easy and simple to use and even a layman can use it without difficulty. You do not need to add personal information while subscribing for Mailoo. It facilitates you to send and receive emails throughout the world and there is no need to pay any kind of charges for using this online source for sending and reading emails. It is quite compatible with Thunderbird and Evolution. It uses the Antispam, SIEVE, and RBL filters for the security of the emails sent and received.


MailinatorMailinator gives you more ease according to your requirements. You do not need to sign up to use this online source. You can use any Inbox that you prefer. You just need to create an email address and then use it for free. If you want secure emailing, you can use Mailinator address anywhere you need, but you do not get spammed.


AbineThis service gives you an option to create a disposable email address, credit card and phone numbers. It helps you in masking your real information. There are some high ranked social networking sites that also do not care in hiding your personal information. These websites include LivingSocial, Facebook and Yahoo, etc. The personal information including your password, email address and date of birth you add to these sites can be hacked anytime and thus, your data lose and your identity is at high risks. So, Abine helps you in this context and provide you safe and secure platform where you can send and receive emails to your contacts throughout the world.

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