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Nokia Releases Budget Phones: Nokia 207, 208 and 208 Dual Sim

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When it comes to target markets, Nokia is a company that caters to almost all sorts of mobile phone markets. The recent release of three new Nokia phones keeping the developing market in mind is specifically for mobile phone users that have a budget to follow. Even most of the Smartphone users like to keep a backup phone to rely on when in need or when they cannot risk carrying their expensive gadget around. Nokia keeps these tidbits in mind.

Nokia 207, 208 and 208 Dual Sim

These three new Nokia phones bear the names 207, 208 and 208 Dual Sim following the design looks typical to those of other Nokia phones including the Lumia series. These phones are not here to blend in rather they stand out with a candy color scheme, rounded corners unlike Lumia and back covers. As far as specifications are concerned, the Nokia 207 and 208 have a 2.4 inch screen with QVGA resolution, the device is backed by 258 MB RAM having a 1020 mAh battery. The best part lies in the battery life of these Nokia phones that is better than any Smartphone out there with a talk time lasting up to 12 hours and a full month of standby time. Quite unbelievable!

That is not all, these phones also have features including 3G connectivity, expandable storage via a MicroSD of up to 32GB and Nokia 208 also has a 1.2MP camera. Some of the most used apps come pre-installed including Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and YouTube whereas Nokia Xpress Browser lets you do the browsing.

As Nokia claims, these phone owners will have a lot less to be careful about since these phones are ‘splash proof’ and house a gapless keyboard so no chance for dirt to get in. Nokia is releasing these phones in black, white, red and cyan colors and users can get one sometime late within this year for off contract for $68.

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