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Top 10 Antivirus Software in 2013

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Antivirus can be defined as a software that is used for detecting and removing viruses, malware, spyware, keyloggers and many other malicious things. That’s why I would like to bring into light top ten antivirus software you can trust and rely on. These software programs can be considered the best among all of the online available antivirus programs and are featured in the list of renowned antivirus. These antivirus programs are the latest versions of 2012 to provide more security and less effort to the users.

10 Best Antivirus Software in 2013 [Free and Paid]

1) Microsoft Security Essentials

Some readers will be surprised to see this antivirus program at the top of the list. According to my vision, it deserves to be placed at the top of the list because it is the best antivirus program available throughout the world. It is not only considered the best antivirus program for Windows 7, but also for Windows 8. You would surely like its small size, free version, power to destroy and kill the malicious attacks and programs and its interface. This software reports to Microsoft about all kinds of malicious programs and viruses promptly so that it can update and this feature makes it awesome and more efficient.

2) Bitdefender Antivirus

BitdefenderThis is one of the best and my favorite Antivirus software. It gives you a lot of new features as well as some common features. It has an anti – theft feature that makes it the best program. It gives you safepay, USB immunize, safe box, anti-phishing, parental control and various other unique features. While working it does not slow down your system and works pretty fast. That’s why it has been placed in the list of top ten antivirus programs.

3) Norton Antivirus

NortonNorton is launched by Symantec. Symantec introduced the first antivirus program for Macintosh in 1989. Norton has a lot of brilliant features such as the shield protection, superb interface, spyware removal and a lot of other attractive features. The only con of using Norton was noticed in its earlier versions that it could slow down the system while working. But later in its version 2013 this problem was fixed. Sometimes the program denies to uninstall fully.

4) Kaspersky Antivirus


This antivirus program is launched by Kaspersky Labs. It is undoubtedly the best, efficient and trustworthy antivirus software available online throughout the world. Its latest version includes the latest technology that is known as “System Watcher”. It observes your every process and flags it according to its function or behavior. It has gone through the Virus Bulletin Tests and did very well and fixed 100% malicious programs and viruses. Its interface is quite user-friendly and clean. Moreover, the new and unique desktop widget makes it more valuable.

5) AVG Antivirus

AVG It is one of the best and renowned antivirus software throughout the world. It had been developed for Microsoft Windows by AVG Technologies. The latest version of AVG Antivirus includes the superb features such as proactive web protection, security network, link scanner, cloud antivirus and many many more. It is absolutely a free software, but its pro version is more efficient and provides your system the better support and security.

6) Avast Antivirus

AvastThis is always awesome to use for the security of your system. It has now brought some excellent features for the users in both of its pro and free versions. It has improved the installation speed and works faster now. With the help of Avast Antivirus’ latest version, you would be able to have a better grip on your system now. In the test it was able to block about 99% viruses and that is the reason for putting it into the list of top ten antivirus programs.

7) Eset NOD 32 Antivirus

EsetIt was launched by ESET and is available in the Business and Home versions. The home version is a simple program, but the Business version has various additional features. It did well in the test and detected 94.4% malware and fixed 95% Spyware. It is an award winning antivirus program and ICSA Labs has certified it as well.

8) Avira Antivirus


 It is one of the best and the most popular antivirus software among the users who prefer a home version. It gives a real-time and reliable security against all types of spyware, adware, malware, bots and Trojans. The salient features of this renowned antivirus program include Antibot, Anti-Spam, WebGuard, Backup System, Firewall and Email Scanning. It is extremely strong and you can get the paid version of Avira for only $26.95. Yet it does not include some latest features including heuristic signatures, behavioral analysis and parental controls, but hopefully the users may get them into its advanced versions.

9) Trend Micro Titanium

TitaniumIn the internet content safety and network antivirus software, Trend Micro is considered a global leader. It has an excellent rate of locating, scanning, blocking and fixing malwares, spywares, adwares and keyloggers. The Cloud Based Security Feature in this antivirus program gives the users a real-time safety even when they are online. It is designed to improve and increase the resource utilization and detection. That’s why you can find it in the list of top ten antivirus software.

10) Panda Antivirus

PandaThe latest version of Panda provides you a user-friendly and clean interface, complete web protection and greater system protection. You just need to install it and leave the rest of the things on Panda Antivirus to enjoy a system free of adware, spyware and malware. The latest version of Panda is easier and faster to use, safer and superb. You receive less updates and even it does not slow down your system while it is working. It is very easy to install it. All these features make it the best and a renowned antivirus program of the world.

Final Words:

So, these were the top ranking and the best antivirus programs available online. These antivirus softwares are thoroughly efficient to fight against all kinds of spyware, adware and viruses.  There are also many other antivirus programs you can download and install, but I have discussed top ten programs only. So install your desired antivirus program and enjoy working on your PC safe and secure.

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