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Google Breakdown, Lost $500,000: Why Google Refuses to Discuss the Reason?

August 17, 2013 Comments Off

According to the experts of web analytic, the internet traffic throughout the world has crossed by nearly 40% because Google services are suffering a full breakdown. According to the tech company, the services of the company from Gmail to Google web browser, Google Drive and YouTube suddenly went down previous night.

The reason of this breakdown is not known, but Google denied to discuss anything regarding this matter when Sky News Online contacted it. GoSquard, a web analytic company claimed that due to this outage, 40% of the virtual traffic fell and it shows the massive hold of Google on the web.

A message that appears on the Dashboard of Google Apps indicates that every service by Google is affected. As it has been elaborated in the message that the company knows that Gmail is affected by a problem and the users who access Gmail, see an error message or face unexpected things.

In another message the company explained later: “15:51 to 15:52 AM, nearly 50% to 70% of the people using Google services faced errors, but the Gmail service was restored within a minute and it was completely restored within four minutes by the company.

Apps Status Dashboard for Google ServicesPhil Dearson, the Strategy Head of Tribal Worldwide discusses that the outage faced by Google had cost the company about $500,000 only within a few minutes when it was broken down. It is unbelievable, but it has happened. It was never heard earlier because the breakdown of one service is possible, but the outage of all of the services at the same time is really surprising.

There may be some problem in the physical infrastructure of Google that produced this outage, but still it is chaotic as Google refused to discuss it.

Source: Sky News

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