How to Open Metro Apps from Windows Explorer in Windows 8


The easiness in the Windows 8 feels when you easily pick one or more Metro apps from the Metro screen and you don’t have to do some long or annoying processes. But, this way of easiness doesn’t seem to be end here; you can easily access the Windows Explorer too by the same method.

Metro Screen apps shortcutsTutorial to Access Metro Apps from Windows Explorer in Windows 8

For a starter, you are required to have a shortcut. To get this new shortcut, simply hit right on the screen and choose the “New shortcut”.

Creating a new shortcutTo place the shortcut in some specific place, use the following:

%windir%explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}

Placing the shortcut on specific placeTitled it with some specific name, and hit with Finish.

Naming the ShortcutNow, whenever you approached to the Shortcut, you will see that all of your Metro Apps are in one place.

metro Screen apps shortcuts

Simply double click on the App to launch any of the App. Enjoy with your work.