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How to Open POP3 Email Accounts in Windows 8

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Windows 8 mail app will handle only the IMAP, Exchange, Hotmail/ Outlook.com and the Gmail accounts. POP3 is offered to the user as an option for mail accounts settings. But mail will handle only POP3, not that of POP.

You can use some defined tricks so that you get the mail app from the POP3 with an email account, which offers the feature like Live-tile email notifications, friendly touch interferences to read out the emails.

Adding a email accountTutorial to Access POP3 Email Accounts in Windows 8

Use Outlook.com or Gmail

Mail apps don’t eventually support the POP3 accounts; it only supports the Outlook.com and the Gmail accounts. The Outlook and the Gmail accounts have a default feature that catches the mail from the server and saved it in the mail box. Mail app requires the websites email account, if one wishes to use the POP3 accounts; he have configure the services with website email account.

Start with creating the Gmail or outlook.com account. Login in with your user name, navigate to the Gear icon and hit to the settings option.

Hit the link “sending/ receiving email from other accounts” in the Outlook.com settings.

Outlook .com settingsHit on the “accounts and Import tab” in the Gmail account settings.

Google account settingsClick “Add an email account” link on the Outlook.com.

Outlook.com adding account settingsFrom Gmail account, hit the link titled as “Add a POP3 mail account”.

adding POP3 mail accountMove on with the same process and add the POP3 accounts details, so that it can be added to the Mail app. We will require the email account, password, POP3 server and the Port which it uses. Successively done the above stated steps, your Gmail or Outlook.com will automatically catches the new mail account and will put it in the email account.

webMail settings Add Your Outlook.com or Gmail Account

Go back into the Windows 8 Mail app and open the Settings charm. You can do this by pressing Windows Key+I or by swiping in from the right and tapping Settings. Select the Accounts option and tap or click Add an Account.

Settings tabTake a back trip to Windows 8 and open the “Settings charm”. For this hit the accounts option tap or from “add an account”.

selecting the WebMail IdType the password and user name of email id you are using like that of Google or Outlook and sign in the id.

Now your Mail app has been set and it will start showing the POP3 accounts mail, which is catches by the Gmail or Outlook.com accounts.

Webmail Id on metro screenSending Mail

Unluckily, this is not the best option to solve this issue. Because the POP3 serves are mostly connected with the SMTP servers. In general email address, STMP is used to send the mail from user email address. POP3 mails can be send by the Google or Outlook.com email id but not from the mail app.

To resolve this issue, and can easily access the email from the modern Mail app, uses the isolated feature to send the mails, both from the Google or Outlook.com email address.

Reply back option is also available for the Mail app. The emails are send from the same email id of Google or that of Outlook.com address.

As it is stated earlier, this is not the best possible solution to solve it. But it’s the only best possible solution for the Mail app of Windows 8. In future endeavors, we are looking hopefully that may be we have some apps that support POP3 from the Windows store.

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