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How to Get the Classic Start Menu Back in Windows 8 with Vistart

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The old fashioned start button and the classic button have been removed from windows 8. And this type of screen annoys you, then here are few steps how to get classic-style start menu.

In the developers preview, one can remove the metro by removing the shsxs.dll file, but this can’t be done with the Consumer preview. Now metro is attached with Explorer.exe itself.

Windows menu panelCreate a Start Menu Toolbar

This feature is not of so much famous, but toolbar can be created in the contents folder of the taskbar. You can also install a pseudo- start menu without the aid of the any other software. Simply a toolbar with pointing head to the Start Menu’s Program folder.

Right click on the taskbar from the desktop, move to toolbar and choose the “New Toolbar”.

toolbar menu optionsNow copy the following link and paste it to the Choose folder Windows:

%ProgramData%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgram

toolbar choose folderNow hit the “select Folder” button, you will find yourself in the Programs Menu of Taskbar.

Toolbar programs menuNow click right on the taskbar for the unlocking process by “lock the taskbar”. To rotate the programs around.

toolbar locking menuNow make a place for the toolbar by dragging it and dropping it on the screen, like wise more traditionally left side, location of the start menu.

draging and droping apps To change the name of the programs or hide, right click on “programs”. The start menu basically catches the data of shortcut from two places, one from the System-Wide Program Data and the other one is per-user program folder:

Hiding the programs

%AppData%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms

Form the screenshots it is clear that Windows Defender and some other shortcuts are not allowed to appear in the toolbar menu.

For your own, you can also create some more toolbars, or more probably from the %AppData% location to the %ProgramData% location.

Other way round is to create a custom folder packed with programs shortcuts and making a pointed folder instead.

Install ViStart, a Third-Party Start Button

ViStart has planned step to step to replace the start button. This was basically the concept of Windows-7 start button to Windows XP, so it’s eventually the follow up of the Windows 7 start button. It can also operate on Windows 8.

Vistart also need to add some other software to install it- hit the Decline Button.

Install manager setupAfter the end of loading, a Windows 7-Style orb back at the left of the screen.

Windows orb menu styleClicking it a same old windows-7 menu style will appear on the screen, which will work the same as that of windows-7. It will also make a list of recently and mostly used apps.

Windows start menu If you want to customize it, right click on the ViStart tray icon and move to the Options.

toolbar menu optionsYou can also make changes for the browser, email client, and some other apps.

Internet options

The amazing thing is that, the windows key will now work for the ViStart not for the Metro-Style Start screen.

Start screen can be opened by navigating the cursor to the bottom left corner of the screen or by moving the charms menu on the upper or lower right corners of the desktop.

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