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Add, Rename,View Status of Bluetooth Devices and Battery Levels In Mac OS X

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Apple inventors have a best worked Bluetooth devices that can easily paired with the Apple family members like Mac or iPad. The members itself are the best one but making them paired with any other device is sometime not so easy task. Once you successfully paired your device, OS X helps you and give you a enhanced list of options for managing them. If you want yourself to be instructed in a proper way for the Bluetooth settings, you are at right place. 

Add, Rename and View Status, Of Bluetooth Devices In Mac OS X

Adding a Bluetooth Device

The starting of Bluetooth connections start with the turning ON of the Mac’s device. Move to the “system preferences” you can enable the Bluetooth. The same windows with the option as “Show Bluetooth in Menu Bar”. The other option makes your work easier by creating a shortcut to the menu bar and helps you to add devices easily..

There are 2 simple methods to add a Bluetooth device.

1)    By clicking on the “+” sign in the same window you can add the device.

2)    Or by clicking “Set Up Bluetooth Device” from menu bar shortcut.

Bluetooth Prefernces

By following any of the above noted method, the same windows of OS X for the devices and it will connect with the most nearest one if all went on in right direction. But if there appears any error in detection turn OFF the Bluetooth and then continue with above steps.

For the security purposes there might be some conformations messages through which your iOS device will require some verified codes so that it will only connect with the right and safe device.

Add BlueTooth devices

Pairing and Connecting with Blue Devices

The most important concept between the paired and connectivity need to understand between these points. “PAIRED “devices means they are readying to connect to a device. If the device is paired, it doesn’t mean it will show that it is connected at the same moment. More simply, a device which is connected is the paired, and that which is paired is not necessarily connected.

Some Apple products like iPad or iPhone will pair but might not connect automatically. That means that you need to make a connection every time and this connection will be ended by the end of every session. But the easy thing is that you need to do the whole process of pairing again for the next time. But for the devices like the Apple Magic Trackpad or Apple Keyboard will make a pair automatically every time you wake up your system.

Renaming A Bluetooth Device

If you have to deal with many BT devices and they don’t have the distinct names, if will create many issues. To overcome this issue simple “RENAME” your each devices and it will be easily done by open Bluetooth preferences, select the device and click the cog wheel button at the bottom. Choose the ‘Rename’ option from the window that follows and enter a new name for the device.

rename Bluetooth Device

Viewing Status of Connection’s Strength & Quality

The strength and quality is a very key factor and must be checked or tested by the user if he is going to face or use many devices. For the Quality and strength test go to Bluetooth Preferences, select the device and hold for the option key, a thing to kept in mind, higher number means good Strength.

Bluetooth signals don’t remain constant even if your device is stationary. They fluctuate all the time but within a certain range. The signal strength over a period of time will determine the quality of the connection, which in turn will help you troubleshoot connectivity problems, if any, with your device.

The BT signals don’t remain steady. It will Fluctuate but with in specific area. The strength of signal helps you to determine the quality of signals and for the troubleshooting of connectivity problems, back trip to Bluetooth Preferences, select device and Option Click on the cog wheel button. The additional options will come from the cog wheel. From” Monitor Connection RSSI” and “OS X”, the signal data of time lapse will start collecting. If the range of the signal doesn’t change, the quality remains GOOD.  If there are sharp Spikes of large and small values, your signals is being disturbed by some devices, or due to the weak batteries.

signal quality

Viewing Battery Level in Mac

If your BT device is rechargeable, or runs on regular batteries, it will drain out at some level. To check the life of your Batteries, click the Bluetooth icon, move up to the connected device. It will display your battery level. There is also a “Widget” known as “Battery level” that you can put in your device so that you can easily keep an eye on the battery life of BT devices through OS X Dashboard

Battery level

You have successfully learned that how can you add, rename and view status of bluetooth devices in Mac OS x. Cheers!

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