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How to Add Windows 7’s Control Panel in Windows 8 Metro Screen

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In Windows 8, Old Control Panel access is not that much easy. To get the easy access you have to go through the Metro Control Panel or from the explorer other way round. Here is something for you:

Old Windows 7 Control panel in Metro Screen

Tutorial to Add the Old Control Panel to the Metro Start Screen in Windows 8

In initial stages, you need to put up a shortcut, hit right on the desktop and Select the “New Shortcut.”

New Shortcut from Context menuFor the location, type the following:

%windir%explorer.exe shell:::{26EE0668-A00A-44D7-9371-BEB064C98683} 

Creating Shortcut Give a suitable name to it.

naming the new ShortcutFrom the Right Click of the desktop, move to context menu, navigate to the Properties.

Context Menu of right clickHit the Change Icon button, when the Dialog opens.

Control Panel PropertiesCopy the following into the textbox:


Changing the icon Hit the Control Panel and select OK.

Choosing the control panel iconNow, at the ending stages, just simply hit right on the shortcut and choose the “Pin to Start” from context menu.

Pin To start Using the iconNow that’s all you need to do, you have design a new shortcut for your own use. Enjoy It.

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