How To Add Windows Defender Option in Windows 8 Right Click Context Menu


Like the old versions of windows, Windows 8 equipped with a new and upgraded defender, which also have some unique features like that of the Microsoft Security essentials. With some facts that Microsoft Security Essential is concealing one’s identity.

It provides the same security and protection as that of Security Essentials.

Windows defender also safeguard from the spyware, viruses, and other real time software’s.

Add Windows Defender Option in Windows 8 Right Click Context Menu

Having a good windows defender windows 8 still lacks with Many important specialties like that of Security Essentials. First, the system Security status tray is absent. Defender uses many coloring schemes for representing the security level of PC with Yellow, Green and Red Color. But here you have to open the Windows Defender to check the security level.

To scan the system from the context menu, this important feature is absent from this defender. The defender doesn’t show this option when you right click on a file. Windows Defender will runs only at that time when specific actions need to take. While it is also possible that u start scanning after open a browser and then right click on the option.

Windows Defender Status Manager

It is a free and the only manager that not only offers to add the missing context menu but it also adds status of defender to the tray. According to the windows operators, defender manager also uses APIs to monitor the status of security.

The exe file is a zipped file. Download it, extract it and then install it.

Once you done with the installation process, the status tray will be appear on the desktop with an additional option of scan when you right click on any folder. Likewise the coloring schemes having red, yellow and green colors uses by defender for the security status of your PC. Right-click on the tray so that you can approach to the Windows Defender Options.

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