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How to Block Desired Websites in Windows 8 Hosts File

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Hosting the Files in the Windows 8 is done by default, means you can’t easily block the access of many websites like Facebook and many others. But this can done easily by following guided steps:

Windows 8 will remove the website’s address which we usually put as the hosts files. It’s annoying for us and the user thinks take is as an annoying stuff. But Microsoft did It for a good reason.

Tutorial to Block Websites in Windows 8′s Hosts File

What’s Windows 8’s Hosts File?

Each website has some Numerical Domain number and when ever any website is connected or tries to approach to that website, PC makes the connection between the Website with the help of that Numerical IP address.

The Hosted file on your PC is a file whose attitude can be override. The host files can be edited and managed in a way that you can head to any IP address. This thing is used by common people to end the access of many websites. Like for example, you could point Facebook.com at, which is your computer’s local IP address. When someone tries to access Facebook.com on your computer, your computer will attempt to connect to itself at It won’t search web server, so the connection will eventually fail.

Why the Restriction is in Place

Unluckily, the host’s files are mostly edits by the malware. Like, with the malware, you can head too many websites like that of Facebook with various IP address. Some threaded websites can also Disguised facebook.com. the user will be ditched easily when he looks at the address bar, sees that it’s Facebook and continue with using it, didn’t knowing that he is using some tricky website.

For some security reasons, you have to looks up the hosted files by the Windows 8. When the notification of adding the files alerts you, this will remove the entry and permits the connections to facebook.com. For many users, this is the very important security features that will not allow the hosts files to edit. But for techno geeks, who don’t want these restrictions, can easily edit the hosted files.

Ways to Bypass the Restriction

By the help of these limitations, Windows 8 antivirus defender, there are many options to pass through it:

  • Exclude the hosts file from being monitored in Windows Defender Windows: Defender is highly recommended instead of that any other antivirus. It will not help Windows from any other tricky websites.
  • Install a Third-Party Antivirus: The other entire antivirus may not work as seriously on your hosting files. But when you install any other antivirus, your windows defender will turn off automatically.

Disabling the Windows Defender can be done by the user. But this isn’t a good idea because having a multiple layers of security may be useful for your own PC.

Excluding the Hosts File

To place the hosting files in a separate room, in Windows defender, open it, hit the Win key, Type “Windows Defender” and hit with enter.

Windows Defender search resultsChoose the “excluded files and locations category” from settings menu.

Windows Defender MenuHit browser and navigate to following file:


(If you installed Windows to a different directory, start in that directory instead of C:Windows)

Windows Defender Hosting files Save the changes by hitting on “save changes”, after hitting on the Add Button.

saving Windows defender settingsHost files can easily be edited.

Editing Your Hosts File

Hosted files can only be editable as an administrator. But if you try this as a causal user, the message will appear saying that you are not permit to do this type of actions.

saving work as a administrator As an administrator, to run the NotePad, you need to hit the Win key, type Note pad, and hit to launch it.

NotePad search resultsHit for File –> launch in the Notepad window and navigate to the following file:


You need to select All files from the Files type dialog box.

selecting the hosting FilesTo block the access of any website type a line. Then type the IP number like, space, and then type the name of website. For example for that of Facebook, type following: facebook.com example.com

Hosts Websites on NotepadSave all your work. And it will implement as you save your work. All the defined websites access will be blocked. no need to restart your PC or your browser.

accessed block websites

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