Skip Metro UI on Startup of Windows 8 and go to Desktop Screen


Metro style screen is appeared on the screen each time system is logged in. no needs to click on the desktop to call up the metro screen. Just boot up to the desktop simple.It will be best for those users who used Vistart or Start8, but it can also helpful when you use the desktop mostly. Hit the keys Win key + D from the Metro screen to get it quickly.

metro screen appearing bannedTutorial to Boot to the Desktop & Skip Metro in Windows 8

Creating the Shortcut

Start with launching the Notepad. For this use the Start Win key and type “Notepad” on the search tile and hit enter. Copy the following:



command on NotepadSave the work of the file .scf file extension — title it like ShowDesktop.scf.

giving the File nameIn the quick launch area you will see the shortcut named as “Show Desktop”. This is the same as it is.

Using the Task Scheduler

The shortcut can launch by its own when doing some work by the aid of task Scheduler. To contact the task scheduler, type the Scheduler on the windows search box and hit enter. Administrative tools can be adjusted by the Control panel.

Settings for Schedule tasksOn the left Side if the screen, hit the “Task Scheduler”.

Task Scheduler LibraryHit the right on the “Create a New Task”.

creating new taskNamed it from the “General tab”.

naming the TaskHit on the new button from the Triggers. On That New Trigger, set the task as “At Log ON” and enter OK.

Choosing the new TiggerChoose the New action from the action Tab. Choose the action to the “start a program”. For this you might need the help of browse button, and hit OK.

Setting new taskNow time to move on the Conditions tab and un-mark the “Start the Task only if Computers on AC power”. It’s necessary for you to put this condition; otherwise your desktop will not work if laptop is working on the battery.

Desktop Properties settingsHit OK  Now every time you logged in, your desktop screen will be just one click away. This Whole process is not highly recommended. For few seconds, the Metro screen will be appearing. These settings will be effect on the Windows explorer each time you log in.