How To Change Bing’s Default Search in Internet Explorer 10 [Windows 8]


Default browser can be changed in Modern version of internet Explorer 10. But these settings are hidden by the Microsoft. If it is not easy for you to find the Settings charm, you need to do some changes with Desktop.

After doing these changes, each version is used as a search engine. Windows tablet needs to amend some changes, even same for the Windows RT includes a limited desktop.

internet explorer 10 iconTutorial to Change Default Search Engine in Windows 8′s IE 10

IE 10 uses the Bing search engine as a default, but to switch to Google, you need to do some changes, start with pressing the WIN key+ D.

Launch the Internet explorer by hitting on its icon. Move to the Gear symbol, and choose the adds-on.

manage Add onNavigate to the Search providers category, move to “more search providers link” at the bottom of windows.

Manage Add on'sChoose the search engine of your choice.

Choosing the Explorer Hit the Internet Explorer, when the add search provider windows appears, hit to “make this my default” and hit to add.

Making the default search browserGoogle is now set as the Default search engine for both IE 10.

IE 10 may not adjust these new settings until you close and re-open it. If new IE 10 is not working with new settings, then launch it, click on the top of the windows, select it and put it on the bottom of the screen. The IE 10 will be closed.

relaunching the IE 10

Re-open the explorer again and you will not see the Bing again.

If IE 10 is not used by you much frequently, then you can use the “Google Search”, which is the app of the Google. You can download it from Windows Store.

Other browsers can also be installed to do some specific search, which can easily work on the Windows 8 User interface.