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How To Customize the Window Border Color in Windows 8

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Blue color is not the only option for the border line in Window’s 8. Windows will choose the color by itself when any wallpaper is adjusted with it. One can choose the color of its own will or put any color of its own choice.

By choosing such type of settings, you can also change the color of your taskbar. Both the Windows and taskbar uses the same color, but with a slight difference is that taskbar is Semi transparent.

Windows Border colorTutorial to Change the Window Border Color in Windows 8

First, Change Your Windows 8 Wallpaper

Blue color comes as a Default background color as it’s a color for windows 8. To do changes, you need to hit right on the Screen, Select personalize, and choose the background color.

Right-Click MenuChoose the Desktop Background options to set new wallpapers.

Selecting new wallpaperChoose wallpaper from the available list. Windows will load up the image by itself when you click on the wallpaper.

Desktop background Windows will not always choose the Main color for the image, likewise if you choose the flower, it will fill out the Pink color and blue will be vanished.

Windows BAckgorund colorSelect a Color for your Windows 8 Borders

Now you can put up the color of your choice, hit on the color options and Personalization windows.

Personalization menuChoice between the colors which are already given can be choose. To reset them, select the colors at the top left corner of the list.

Choosing coloring schemeTo customize your own coloring scheme, you can do it with the helping aid of mixer drop-down options.

Adjusting coloring schemeEasily Select Custom Colors in Windows 8 for any Window

Windows also have a feature with choosing a separate coloring scheme, but this might not be so easy.

Instead making yourself tiring in choosing the coloring scheme, you can also use the AeroTuner. It permits the user to make a list of choosier colors and save them. This can be done by just a simple single click.

Download the AeroTuner8, open it and launch with Main Color Icon.

Aero Tuner main coloring iconChoose the basic colors or you can also drag them to the custom color. Hit the Add to custom Colors icon to save your chosen list.

choosing basic coloring scheme

You can also save them as a theme to the Personalization Windows. This helps you to save the windows border, wallpaper, sounds, screen savers, and some other settings to only one loaded theme.

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