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How to Close or Minimize Full Screen Modern Apps in Windows 8

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Metro apps in the windows are designed in such a way that one can’t find the shutdown button for the phone or tablets. So that you can’t find that button with which you are used to familiar with. It’s sometimes irritating when metro apps covers all your computer’s screen and you are not able to minimize it or shut down it properly.

Still you have some options to shut it down such apps.

Use the Keyboard to Close a Metro App

The traditionally used most easiest and the quickest method is to press simply ALT+F4. This will turn off all the present running apps with no time dilation.

Use the Mouse to Close a Metro App

For the running metro apps, click on the app and drag it to the bottom to make it of small size so that it can easily be dragged off from the screen.

Use the Task Manager to Close a Metro App

The most quickest and useful method is to simply use the task manager for it. By pressing a combination of 3 keys, Ctrl + Shift + Esc, the task manager appears on the screen. Select the running app and press End task.Note: for the user of IE, it must keep in mind that two versions are running on. The first one with the desktop version and the second one is the Metro version of IE. Both have their unique symbols and are represented by round icon and square icon respectively.

Windows 8 task manager to end programTutorial to Shut Down or Minimize Full Screen Metro Apps in Windows 8

Minimize a Metro App

If you don’t want to use the Metro app and also don’t want to close it properly just simply minimize it and one way is to call on the mini start screen by navigating to the extreme left corner of the screen. The app will be still in running behind the screen.

Note: while calling the main screen, just be aware it to click on the right button (extreme left corner). If you slightly miss this button, you will lose that button and it will disappear.

Other way round is to press the traditionally keys, Windows key + D or Alt + Shift + Esc, to back to the desktop. Again repeat the same steps to bring back the screen.

Close a Minimized Metro App

You can also shutdown or more accurately close down the Metro app running in the background. Navigate your mouse on the upper left corner of the screen on the thumbnail. Press the thumbnail to do the action.

Note: the thumbnail that will do the action, also shows the last used app. And if you just switched from the Normal desktop screen to the Metro Screen. Use the above stated method and close this Metro screen.

Minimizing using windows 8Initially it will be somehow complex or might be complicated, but after some practice you will get to used of it.

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