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How to Make Custom Refresh Image in Windows 8

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In our previous sections, we have discussed “How to use the refresh and reset Features in Windows 8”, now we are going to discuss how to set the custom refresh image. This allows you to have a new image each time you refresh your screen, not that old fashioned which stick with only one.

Refreshing the Screen, all the downloaded apps as well as, all the Metro apps remains the same. While all that apps which are tagged as “Non-Metro apps” are removed. For those who feel annoying due to this, they can fix this by having a refresh image that has all the installed apps.

Instructions for your PC

Tutorial to Create Custom Refresh Image in Windows 8

Hit right on the Left corner of the screen and call up the Command Prompt from the context menu.

command promt context menuTo set up the refresh image we will use recimg.exe:

recimg /createimage C:CustomRefreshImagesImage1

command promptWe are using here a subfolder; the logic behind it is that we can put some different refreshing images, and easily change them; to set another image we can do this:

recimg /createimage C:CustomRefreshImagesImage2

Admin Command promtCreating an image using the //createimage parameter, this image is uploaded as a default one. For the multiple images, you can select the most activated image //setcurrent parameter.

recimg /setcurrent C:CustomRefreshImagesImage1

command promptFor the recent image, use the command of //showcurrent parameter.

Succesfull task message

So that’s how you can set one or multiple refreshing image on the screen. For the metro apps, they will remain the same on the screen while refreshing and that of non-metro apps can be removed during refreshing process.

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