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How To Turn Off Toaster Notifications in Windows 8

March 2, 2013 Comments Off

Windows 8 already is in famous with many more reasons. With some features it’s the user best choice now days. The Metro Style Screen is liked by many developers and also by some serious users. One feature of windows 8 is to notify the toaster is no doubt the attractive sum up, but it also creates some annoying moments for the user, so to disable this, here is how to do it.

Tutorial to Disable Toaster Notifications in Windows 8

toaster apps notificationsDisabling Toaster Notifications

The process starts with the Charm menu, so initially needs to call the Win+C, hit on settings.

Windows 8 charm menuBottom view of sidebar shows the Notification Icon.

PC settingsClick on the Disable apps notifications.

PC settings Notifications iconThe issue still needs some settings, because disabling the Notifications; all the other notifications will turn off. So solve this, move to More PC settings Link. The Metro-Control panel will be appeared.

More Pc SettingsHere, the entire notifications panel can be seen, who had been turned off. Step by step enable them again.

turning on the notifications

From here, if you wish to turn off the notifications for the toaster, just simply move on to the Apps Settings. So now you don’t have to see these notifications any more.

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