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Disable Windows 8’s Adaptive Brightness to Fix Dark Screen Problems

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In the newly installed Windows 8, you might feel the Brightness level is not updated or according to user choice, the reason behind it that the relating brightness feature doesn’t work in proper manner. Now how to disable it follow the following:

More occasionally, it is a positive response that your feature is working so that one can make sure that the driver is working in a proper manner, still here is some points for you.

Tutorial to Fix Dark Screen Problems in Windows 8

Dark Screen of windows 8Adjusting the Brightness in Windows 8

To start with the process, press the Win + I and you will see the Brightness control bar on the screen.

Brightness control bar The MacBook settings vary up and down.

Disabling Adaptive Brightness in Windows 8

Use the combination of keys, Win+D, to call up the power management icon, navigate to the more power options of the menu.

More Power OptionsNote: Metro screen should be used to access to the power options Panel.

Now, hit the “Change Plan settings” and choose the Plan for it.

Power Options windowOnce here, you need to hit the “Change Advanced Power settings” link.

More advanced power settingsAfter reaching at the right place, scroll down to Adaptive settings, and make the changes like turn on the settings from off to on.

Power optionsThrough the above stated settings, all the brightness issues are resolved and now you can alter the brightness of your PC by above stated discussions.

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