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How to Downgrade Windows 8 Pro to Windows 7

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The Professional Edition of Windows 8 is now having a best opportunity for having a “Downgrade Rights.” It is so that you can jump back to the Windows 7, but with the only option of Windows 8 pro.   This is so easy to say this, but to accomplish this you need to move to step by step to many hoops and loops because Microsoft has prepared this mechanism with Windows 8 Pro Systems.

Windows 7 Professioanl logoTutorial to Downgrade Windows 8 Pro to Windows 7

Downgrade Rights vs. Other Ways to Downgrade

The following article is for the “Downgrading” of windows 8 pro to windows 7″.

  • Your PC loaded with Windows 7, you can transpose back it to windows 8, and vice versa.
  • If you have a retail copy of Windows 7 you aren’t using, you can install it on a new computer that came with Windows 8. (Make sure that new computer has hardware drivers that work with Windows 7.)

How Downgrade Rights Work

Downgrading the windows are now the proposed rights for Business bought purposes. Now, such PC is loaded with the preloaded Windows versions that can be install the last version of windows without having the windows license permit.

This Process of Downgrading is somehow complicated, here how to do this.

  • Windows 8 pro now have the license for the Downgrading Rights. Upgraded windows don’t have the Downgrading Rights, so you need to buy Windows pro 8.
  • Only the Windows 7 professional or Vista can be downgraded. Not that of XP.

You can Re-install the Windows 8 at any moment after the Downgrading.Start for the Windows 8 proBefore Downgrading Windows

For the PC having the Windows 8 professional and tingled to get the Windows 7 pro, here what you should do.

  • Make sure that your system can handle and support the Windows 7, for this check out the manufacturer’s details website.

Place some space for recovery drive, this will prevent and re-saved all the previous Windows 8 set up.creating a recovery driveHow to Downgrade Windows 8

For new PC, loaded with the Windows 8, need to enter the UEFI settings screen and allows the Legacy boot options. Contact the local manual for this.

As mention above, you need to have a Windows 7 professional license and a disc. The PC along with the Microsoft doesn’t give access to this License for it. So this should be arranged by your own.

Getting a disc, start loading the Windows 7 with the casual process, install it, and provide the valid key for it. A thing should be kept in mind that, you can also use this Key for much other system too during their installing process.

Finishing the Windows 7 Installation, you will face the message “activation failed” message. If you didn’t see this message, then continue with it, open the start, and activate your windows. Make a contact with do this by phone. So that you can access it to the Windows 8 Downgrade Rights.

entering the Windows product keyOn completing this, you will be given a long activation code. Enter it, so that Windows 7 installation can be activated.

Windows 7 activation messageAs mentioned above stated steps, you can use this Disc to many other systems. But every time to get the long code for the downgraded rights you need to call Microsoft.

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