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How to Dual Boot Windows 8 and Linux Mint on the Same PC

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For the serious system’s users, one can judge the both Windows 8 and Linux. If you want to have both the Linux and windows 8 at a same time, here it is,

Before we start there is a couple of things that you are going to need:

  • 10GB of free space on your drive
  • The Linux Mint DVD, from x86 or x 64, burnt to a DVD.
  • About 30 Minutes of free time

By following this tutorial you will learn to dual boot Windows 8 and Linux Mint at the same time.

Linux Mint MenuNote: no Specific method is required for this purpose, so now we are going to have the easiest method for Linux, while with a hand full of experience for installing Linux OS.

Tutorial to Dual Boot Windows 8 and Linux Mint on the Same PC

Now start the work with making a proper room for Mint installation. Just be aware of this thing is that you are now going to do this with side path of already existing file of windows 8. Start with the Run Dialog box and type diskmgmt.msc and continue with enter. The search for Disk Management can also be done by the help of Start menu.

Run Dialog BoxOn opening of the Disk Management Consoles, hit right on the drive having windows 8, hit on the shrink volume from the context menu.

Menu for Disk ManagementNow it’s time to allot the space or shrink size of the partition, for editor choice, 10GB of minimum space should be allotted to this partition.  On GB contains approx. 1024 MB’s so to get the GB’s multiply times with the 1024.

Disk Management context menuNow run the Mint DVD by inserting it in the DVD room, it is of different Post- screen key either F11 or F12.

Boot order menuNow the DVD will start its work on its own, well if any key is fixed with it then press that key to start.

Starting of Linux MintAfter the booted process, start the Installation process by hitting double on the Linux Mint Shortcut.

Installition optionsHit the continue to move on to the Installation type section, here, that radio button must be changed to the some else option.

Installation processHitting the continue button, it will become necessary for you to install the Mint, for this move down to bottom partition “free space”.

Alloting Free spaceHit double on the format menu, agree with all the things expect the Mount point; here you need to add one simple slash, hit ok.

Now click on the Install button.

Format SettingsA very quick and easy approach for the Installation process is that it will ask for some Configuration settings mean while the OS is busy with its installation.

Keyboard LayoutsRebooting option will be displayed on the screen. Now you can simply choose the OS at start-up.

Linux version screenNote: Grub picks up our Windows 8 installation, the entry at the bottom, as Windows Recovery Environment, this is actually your Windows 8 installation and the display name can easily be changed by selecting it from the menu and hitting the “e” key, this is mainly for advanced users.

Now Os will run Linux Mint as a default. But if one may want to switch over to Windows 8, you simply need to back to the Grub Boot menu. You can also dual boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu by following our previous tutorial.

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