Procedure to Turn on, off, and Use Safe Mode in Windows 8


If you have installed the Windows 8 Developer and facing some troubleshoot issues, then you need to run your system on the Safe Boot mode and try to recover the issues. Safe mode is not default loaded on the Windows 8, the user have to do it by its own or manually.

Open the command prompt to start the process. To access this command prompt, you can use a couple of ways like Metro UI, Windows & startup menu, or from the Windows Explorer and type the “cmd.exe“.

Tutorial to Enable, Use, and Disable Safe Mode in Windows 8

Safe mode desktop screenTo use the Metro UI method, navigate to the Metro Start Screen. Go to the Start Icon, hit for search and start with the search pane.

windows Search pan Move down to approach to the apps on right side. Type “cmd” in search dialog box. The results of search will be displayed on the right side of screen. Hit right on the “cmd.exe”.

search results of cmd.exe“Cmd.exe” will displays very next to the advanced icon on the lower right side of the screen. Run this as an administrator from the popup menu by hitting on the Advanced.

Running as a administratorFor that user’s who don’t like to use the Metro UI, they can use the second option and switch to the Windows 7. From the start up of Windows 7, move to search dialog box and type the “cmd.exe”. Same running option for windows 7 (as an administrator).

NOTE: The Windows 7 Start menu is helpful only when one is trying to open cmd.exe or msconfig.exe, on the other side Safe Mode using the Metro UI Search function. We could not find cmd.exe or msconfig.exe using the Metro UI in Safe Mode. Other way round to search of these programs is using Windows Explorer and searching in the C:Windows directory.

right click context menuHit yes to continue when the Dialog box of account control appears.

User account control dialog boxAt the command prompt, type the following command and press Enter.

bcdedit /enum /v

Command promptEnter the following at the command prompt, with a space at the end. DO NOT press Enter yet.

bcdedit /copy

Only part of the command is that which is displayed above. Copy to the identifier if you wish to add to the command for the Windows BootLoader with description. Hit the right and move to the popup menu.

Copy the identifier Include the brackets and highlight the identifier, hit enter to copy it.

copying the identifierHit right and paste it from the popup menu.

pasting from the popup menuThe identifier will paste the command on the command prompt lines. Hit space, and finish the command:

/d “Windows 8 Developer Preview (Safe Mode)”

Start executing the command by hitting enters.

executing the Full commandHit the X on the right corner of the windows to close it.

exit to the command promptFollow the same approach as you used for the cmd.exe to open the msconfig.exe.

msconfig.exe search resultsNOTE: You can also use the Windows 7-Style menu or search for msconfig.exe in Windows Explorer to run it.

The following dialog box displays asking if you want to restart. Click Restart to reboot your computer immediately.

system confrigration menUMany times, the safe mode comes on its own and starts itself. Choose the Windows 8 Developer preview option to start Safe mode.

system confrigartionsWindows will boots with the desktop view other then the Metro UI screen view. On the other hand, the Windows will help and shows the Safe mode information providing.

Windows 8 developer previewThe safe mode boot option can also be removed easily again by starting as a Administrator.

Windows help and supportNOTE: As mentioned, you may need to use the Windows 7-Style Start menu or search for cmd.exe in the C:Windows directory in Windows Explorer.

Type this at the command prompt, adding a space at the end. DO NOT press Enter yet.

bcdedit /delete

Switching the safe modePaste the above stated procedure and copy to the identifier for the Windows Boot Loader with a description with it, “Windows 8 developer preview”. The confirmation message will be appeared on the screen showing that you have done your work successfully.

One easy way round is to simply un-check the Safe mode check box in Windows 8, options in msconfig.exe and restart it.